Rise Alarm Clock (iPhone / iPad)

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Rise is a simple alarm clock with a lot of smart features. With its refreshing and clever way to set time, Rise is one of the easiest alarm clocks you'll ever use. APPLE - App Of The Week, Featured Utility. Read the great reviews in Mashable, Fast Company, Lifehacker, TUAW, Business Insider, The Loop, App Advice and many more. TIME TO ENJOY SETTING YOUR ALARM CLOCK Reach out and touch the screen. Every element is meant to be interactive. Left handed? Yes, Rise loves you, too. Pull it up or down and watch the sky change as you pick a wake up time. Turn the alarm on by pulling the screen left or right. Or, simply shake your device to quickly set an alarm for a short nap or to use as a timer. WAKING UP IS A BEAUTIFUL THING Wake up to the sound of the woods, ease into the day with a custom Rise melody, or your favorite song from iTunes. Tap to snooze and be a little late, or pull the screen to turn off the alarm and be on time. Hey, it's your life. From the lock screen: Shake to snooze or turn off the alarm. MULTIPLE ALARMS HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS EASY (With in-app purchase) Easily create repeating alarms for any time with custom labels for each alarm. Toggle all your alarms on or off from one screen. Rise will always show the next alarm when you open the app. A BETTER ALARM NEEDS A BETTER CLOCK Large clock in either portrait or landscape (for docked devices) with clock background options: Night or Skyscape. Swipe to change the clock background and dim the screen by sliding up or down. LET RISE HELP YOU FALL (ASLEEP) Use SleepTunes to make a playlist from your iTunes collection to help you fall asleep. Set a timer for your playlist so it doesn't run all night. NOTES - Rise is made for iOS 9+ compatible devices. - Rise works with "Do Not Disturb" and the silence switch as long as it's in the foreground and / or auto-locked when using those two features. RISE IS LOCALIZED FOR THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES - Afrikaans - Chinese ( Simplified ) - Chinese ( Traditional ) - Dutch - English - German - Finnish - French - Malay - Norwegian - Hebrew - Hungarian - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Spanish WE LOVE TO HELP We pride ourselves on offering great support. If you have an issue or feature request, please contact us on Twitter (@simplebots) or through our site www.simplebots.co

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