Instacast 5 - Podcast Client (iPhone / iPad)

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Instacast is a revolutionary podcast client and offers the best podcast experience on the planet. It syncs seemlessly between iPhone, iPad and Mac. What's new in 5.0? * Redesigned media player * Redesign lists * Up Next playback queue: a dynamic playlist that allows you to queue episodes for sequential playback. * Sharing functionality optimized for iOS 8 * Full-text search (optional In-App Purchase) * Night-Mode automatically switches at sunset and sunrise (optional In-App Purchase) * Full support of iPhone 6 and 6+ All the great features Instacast users are already familiar with: * Detailed subscription management and customization * Lists and Bookmarks * An elegant and sophisticated audio and video player * Offline playback of downloaded episodes * Interact with episodes by reading show notes in an easy-to-read format, and share episodes via iOS 8 extensions * Import your podcasts from iTunes or other podcast clients * Seamless, instant synchronisation between other copies of Instacast on iOS and OS X via Instacast Cloud * A universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on iOS 7 or higher required. Localized in English, German For more detailed information please see Instacast's product page on the Vemedio website:

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