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Ever want to be on the cover of a vintage record cover? Well, now you can! This user-friendly app puts you in complete control to customize every part of your cover. And with wide selection of professionally designed templates, there's something for every occasion, and even more on the way! APP FEATURES • 22 templates with multiple photos! That's right, add from 1-3 photos! • Take a photo, or import from library. • Tint text and photos ANY color, or keep it natural - no limited color swatches here! • Completely customize your own record label logo, or hide it all together. • Customize the text and text color. • Choose from 22 vintage graphic headers, go STEREO, MONO or Quadraphonic - up to you. • Choose from 9 WEAR & TEAR layers to give it that worn look, or keep it new if you want. • Perfect for those Hipstamatic and Instagram pics! • Huge number of unique combinations. • Share via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & Email. • Save to a full resolution image of 2448 x 2448. That's printable quality for CD sized art folks! The VinylizeMe app is a very unique way of sharing any occasion, including, but not limited to: • Dinners, happy hours & parties with friends. • Family gatherings, vacations and reunions. • Road trips to Vegas that you probably won't remember. • Birthday, bachelor(ette) & other debaucherous parties that you shouldn't document. • Baby, wedding and other nice and wholesome showers. • Random everyday fun! • Lots of other stuff you'll think of cause you'll be creative - we believe in you! • And if you're a musician or DJ and need a cheap album cover... (show some love and spread the word!) DOWNLOAD TODAY AND LET THE FUN BEGIN!

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