Fotobooks+ (iPhone / iPad)


摄影 / 1.2.5 版 / 2012-11-30 更新

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Pick up your Precious Photos from Messy Camera roll & Keep some of them SECRET. Writing your Memories on Photos & Share with Friends. Backup your Photos to the CLOUD and Never Lose it. Reorganize your photos with an absolutely gorgeous Bookshelf Interface. Fotobooks helps you to organize photos more effectively. ✔Reorganize ○ Storing and Managing your photos by Vintage style Photo Albums. ○ Easy to import and move photos. ○ Swipe it with your finger and get more Bookshelf ✔Memo ○ Write down your memories on photos. ○ You can see the memo in Thumbnail view. ✔Safe ○ Protecting each album with Lock option. ○ You can protect your privacy perfectly. ✔ Share ○ Share photos with your friends. ○ Make a dfferent styles of photos using cool effects (coming soon) ✔ Backup ○ Backup your photos to Dropbox and never lose it ○ You can restore your photos from cloud.

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