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UX Write is a powerful, desktop-class word processor like nothing you've ever seen on the iPad before. Designed for working with large, structured documents, it is ideal for business reports, research papers, technical documentation, theses, and books. While primarily designed for iPad, UX Write also runs on iPhone and iPod touch. Features: Content & Formatting * Styles: Consistently format headings and other text throughout your document * Text formatting: Font, size, foreground/background color, bold, italic, underline * Paragraph formatting: Alignment, indentation, line height, margins, padding, borders * Formatting settings can saved in styles (for reuse) or individual text/pararaphs * Headings: Built-in heading styles, integrated with outline and table of contents * Lists: Bulleted and numbered lists, multiple levels of indentation * Tables: Create tables with optional numbering & captions; add/remove rows & columns * Figures: Include images from photo library; optional numbering & captions. Document Structure * Outline view: Quickly navigate through large documents * Outline editing: Easily rearrange sections just by dragging your finger * Automatic numbering (optional): Applies to all headings, figures, and tables * Cross-references: To any heading, figure, or table * Table of contents, list of figures, list of tables (updates automatically) Editing * Extended keyboard: Extra row with common punctuation symbols * Formatting keys: Bold, italic, underline, and lists directly from on-screen keyboard * Virtual trackpad: Easily & quickly adjust cursor position or selection handles (Extended keyboard, formatting keys, and virtual trackpad only available on iPad) * Copy & paste: HTML (within UX Write & HTML editors), and Markdown (text editors) * Full support for external bluetooth keyboards, including all keyboard shortcuts * Undo and redo: Up to 50 most recent operations Auto Correct * Highlight all corrections after they're made, so you can verify they're correct * Revert any correction to original word * Choose from list of multiple alternative suggestions * Replace with custom selection * Automatically learns all replacements you select * Add and remove words to built-in custom dictionary * Works with Danish, Dutch, Australian/Canadian/UK/US English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish Document Layout * Documents displayed as continuous, reflowable text (like web pages; non-paginated) * Layout automatically adapts to suit screen size & orientation * Option to adjust text display size, without affecting document font settings Sharing * Native HTML support: For easy publishing to the web * Full Dropbox and WebDAV support, including SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) * Automatic file synchronization: No manual uploads/downloads needed * Printing & PDF export: Includes automatic page number calculation for table of contents * Email documents: In HTML or PDF format * Open documents in other apps: In HTML or PDF format * Import from other apps: Open HTML files from any compatible app (e.g. Mail attachments) Top-notch support * Contact directly with developers * No automated support tickets or "customer support representatives" * All feedback and sugestions are greatly appreciated and will be given consideration Watch a two-minute demo at: http://youtu.be/PaPO5jH73M0 UX Write's native file format is HTML5, which can be viewed and printed in any web browser, published online, and is compatible with many authoring tools available on Mac, PC, and Linux. HTML files can be imported and exported by Microsoft word, with some limitations on formatting. Version 1.1 is coming soon, which will add support for the .docx file format used by Microsoft Word. We're currently looking for beta testers - if you're interested, drop us a line! You can contact us at info@uxproductivity.com.

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