BlendPic+ (Collage & Montage) (iPhone / iPad)


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BlendPic+ enables users to crop and edit different photos into one picture. Users can use Blendpic+to decorate photos with texts and stickers that the users have personally created. Simple & Easy Touch UI [Multi touch] - edit size and rotation of the photo. 
[Long touch] - change the layer/order of the photos. 
[Double tab] - clip/crop photos and add effects. Clipping and cropping - User may edit photos in many ways desired (i.e. zoom in & out) and combine into one photo. - With the use of COLOR MAGIC WAND crop/clip photo in many ways including mirror effect,adjust brightness, colors, contrast & saturation, RGB levels and blur effect. Brush - Brush effect: user may draw pictures on top of the photo! Adding texts - Insert texts that you have created! Featuring 61 different types of fonts & many different colors. - Create messages with your personalized photos! Stickers - Create fun photos with various different types of stickers!  - Create your personalized stickers or use the stickers included in the +app (WOW) - 60 stickers + unlimited amount of user's customized sticker!! - Customized stickers or photos may be saved and be reused for other photos.
i.e.: user may save a photo of clothes from online store, save picture of hair styles seen on the weband etc. Sharing photos
 - Share your personalized and customized photos twitter,e-mail and other app (Instagram,Camera+,etc) Update 1.5.2 - Share Other App (Instagram,Camera+etc..) - Add MenuPage Button - Clipping Crash Bug Fix support :

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