Timing Wolf - The Exquisite Timing! (iPhone / iPad)

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TIMING WOLF is FREE back with new items !! : $0.99 -> FREE!! ——————————————————— Authentic one–touch survival game, Timing Wolf! The story that will make a hit this summer starts right now! [Synopsis] Unsophisticated and kind friend, Wolf! He grew apples with all his heart. One day, scary and wild herbivorous animal took all the apples away. The wolf took a trip to find the wild herbivorous animals to save the apples. However, those herbivorous animals were more scary and wild than what wolf thought. But He wasn’t scared!! The wolf has a skill which is “The Exquisite Timing!” Well, Let us take a trip with wolf to find the apples! [How to play] Watch the pattern behavior of wild herbivorous animals and Press [GO] button after watching the timing that can pass through the animals. [Features] -Very easy to play -Seven different Episodes -A variety of levels and stages -A variety of shopping items to help play the game -A contextual animated characters. -Game Center Support -Leaderboards and Challenges -Bonus Stage that shows after continuous perfect Clear of 3/6/9 Stages Timing Wolf is very easy game but it requires concentration and challenge mind. It is full of fun and challenges. The game approaches various stories of Fairy tales and legends with different perspective than original stories. You can also find small fun staffs throughout the game. You must leave the wolf by considering a combination of each episode and stages map features and speed and the departure of herbivorous animals. Please bring the apples back from the wild herbivorous animals~~

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