Adventure Time: Blind Finned (iPhone / iPad)

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游戏 / 40.80 MB / 2.0 版 / 2014-12-09 更新



This app is compatible with: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, iPod Touch (5th generation) and iPad 2 & 3 Finn is ready for another adventure! Unfortunately, he's off to try being a blind knight and it is up to Jake to watch his back… by running ahead of him. Play as Jake a few steps ahead of Finn, keeping an eye out for any dangers Finn might not see. Transform into a bridge, a sword, or an umbrella to deal with each threat as they come. After all, Finn is having the time of his life as a blindfolded knight. Wouldn’t you want to help him enjoy the day? Explore Candy Kingdom, the Forest, and even the Ice Kingdom. Stay alert and keep Finn safe from any obstacles and threats along the path. How far can you go?

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