Tiny Paper Zoo Plus (iPhone / iPad)


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"Fun and easy-to-use" – appchronicles Tiny Paper Zoo is the first app of its kind where you can build a whole bunch of animals out of paper! No In-App-Purchase. All animals are included. - - WHAT IS NEW? - - You can print colored instructions now! And a new animal entered the Zoo! - - HOW DOES IT WORK? - - This is not origami. You need scissors and glue to craft your tiny pets. You have 2 options to make your animal: Print it! Save the instructions to the photo album and print them. The PLUS version features colored instructions. Draw it! Lay a piece of paper over your iPhone or iPad and draw the lines through the illuminated paper. No printer required! And then just follow the crafting instructions in the App! - - THE ZOO - - You can choose between animals of 3 difficulty levels. Among these are a seal, penguin, zebra, horse, dog, elephant, panda and many more! This is a Universal App for iPhone and iPad. On the iPad, the crafted animals are larger.

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