RainyWindows - erase photo (iPhone / iPad)


摄影 / 1.42 版 / 2012-11-13 更新

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---!菜单=>震动! ios4.2~6.x is OK! 这个程序是唯一的 - iPhone / iPod的触摸 - 。 该应用程序允许您以一种新的方式装饰您的照片。 它可以把任何你的照片看起来好像是有雾的窗口显示。 添加您自己的手指画的照片! - 无限的想象 - 这是可以删除的照片,以减轻分心的主图像或向前的消息,你的显著其他部分。 - 15基本主题 - 即便是不添加照片,您可以使用嵌入式的主题画。 - 模板化模式的 - 您可以使用现有的模板,如圆形,星形,心形和矩形,轻松地装饰您的照片。 - Finger size - 您可以调整大小的手指画笔画出。 -更多过滤器- 您可以将照片与各种过滤器。 =Breath,Mosaic,Fuzz,Gray,300Brightness,Special Pink,360Color,Sepia,Negative - 保存您的工作 - 您的图纸可以保存或发送给您的朋友通过电子邮件或Twitter。 ---!! Menu => Just Shake! This App is Only - iphone/ipod touch -. The app allows you to decorate your photos in a new way. 
It turns any of your photos to look as if it is being shown through the foggy window. 
Add your own finger drawing on the photo!

 -Limitless Imagination-
 It is possible to delete a portion of the photo to lessen the distraction of the main image or foward the message to your significant other.

 -15 Basic Themes- 
You can draw pictures using embedded themes even without adding photos.

 -Templated Patterns- 
You may use existing templates such as circles, stars, hearts, and rectangles to easily decorate your photo. 

-Adjustible Finger Size-
 You may adjust the size of the finger brush to draw **. -More Filters- You can make pictures with a variety of filters. =Breath,Mosaic,Fuzz,Gray,300Brightness,Special Pink,360Color,Sepia,Negative 

-Save Your Work-
 Your drawings can be saved or sent to your friends via email or Twitter.

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