Text Encryptor! (iPhone / iPad)


工具 / 15.60 MB / 1.5 版 / 2013-01-24 更新

¥ 12.00


Launching Special Price 50% discount! Text Encryptor will definitely protect your bank password, innovative ideas and top secrets on your iPhone! Features of Text Encryptor! 1) Encrypts important texts such as passbook or card password, etc, which others are not allowed to watch, and thereby prevents financial incidents that can after IPhone is lost 2) Helps safely keep important secrets by encrypting them, such as users’ own creative ideas, which should not be revealed to others 3) Enables to prevent the risk of the exposure of password you might not know when sending sensitive information (passwords, secret information, etc.) to others Directions are too easy! 1) Copy your text that you wrote down and paste it in Text Encryptor. 2) Type your password and click confirm button. 3) A new text will form with a password. 4) Copy a new text with a password and store it in a memo pad or diary that you use. Isn’t it too easy? It is the age that privacy protection is the most important. Don’t miss this chance that you can purchase Text Encryptor necessary in this age at 1 dollar!

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