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Lightwagon is a very funny and original application. This application allows you to dynamically create filters on your images. Connects the filters together, forming a chain of image processing. Watch the final result. Edit in real time the parameters of each filter and the connections that allow the creation of the final image. There are many filters and mixers that can be connected together to have, each time, a different and surprising result. Color adjustments Brightness Contrast Exposure Saturation Gamma Invert Gray scale Sepia Luminance Soft elegance Retrò Sunny Haze RGB Correction Image processing Sharpen Gaussian blur Focus blur Posterize Edge detection Toon Sketch Vignette Emboss Polka Dots Focus blur Tilt shift Image deformations Swirl Pinch Pixellate Stretch Bulge Polar pixellate Image blending Multiply Dissolve Overlay Darken Difference Lighten Color burn Color dodge Screen Exclusion Soft light Hard light Alpha Any idea how many combinations can you do with this filters ? Save your chains of processing within the application and use them whenever you want with new images. Share your calculations with your friends Lighwagon is an innovative application that has only one limit. Your creativity

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