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*** NOW FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME. TRY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP! *** Do you like keeping fit? Your brain needs to exercise to stay fit as well! So practise your memory, concentration and knowledge of English in a fantastic game called “ANIMALS - Places”. Welcome back to the world of “ANIMALS” games! There was “YUMMY TALKING ANIMALS - Names and Sounds” and “ANIMALS - Memo”; now it’s time for “ANIMALS - Places”. If you are our fan, you will recognize the 44 cute animals from 4 different environments - Safari, Farm, Ocean and Forest. After selecting an environment and level, first take a few seconds to look at and memorize the various places where you can see the animals on the screen. After that, the animals disappear while the plates at the bottom show pictures of those animals which you must find. You can indicate the places one by one or decide individually, by tapping the plates, which animal you want to find first. The names of the animals on all the plates are read out by a child speaker. In each environment there is a choice of 4 levels of the game. The levels vary in terms of the length of time given to memorize the position of the animals shown in the pictures (5, 6, 8 or 10 seconds), the number of animals on the screen (4, 6 or 8) and the number of plates with animals to be found (3 or 4).   Do you want to be a champion? Try your hardest as only the best players, who have completed a level in a short time, will receive fantastic prizes - gold, silver or bronze medals. The little ones will be delighted with the cute animals and beautiful screens. So we have to warn you, the parents, to expect great difficulty in dragging your children away from our gripping game ;-). Game Features: - 44 animals - animal names and feedback read out by a child speaker - 4 environments: Safari, Farm, Ocean and Forest - 4 levels of difficulty - IQ mode stimulating intellectual activity - intuitive interface See other games by Yummy Factory from the “ANIMALS” series: - “YUMMY TALKING ANIMALS - Names and Sounds” - “ANIMALS - Memo” - “ANIMALS - Sequences”

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