Character Pad – Special Characters Paste Board (iPhone / iPad)


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Character Pad gives you quick access to hundreds of beautiful and useful special characters, which you can use in any application. Simply tap a character to copy it to your device's clipboard, open any other app, and paste it anywhere you like. Done. Easy! Customise your IMs, emails, documents and other texts with this great selection of special characters & symbols. Characters include: - Greek alphabet - Numbers - Math symbols - Letterlike symbols - Many more! What two App Store reviewers had to say about Character Pad: "Dead easy to use and works a treat! Update with more characters some time........" - Soxcat "Fast, simple, does one thing and does it seemlessly. No more having to write ½ as 1/2. Thank you, well worth the dollar!" - Auntmarge64 • If you're looking for a more complete special character writing experience, please check out CHARACTER WRITER. Please Note: Characters will be readable from any iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and most PCs. Some special characters may appear as question marks (?) or squares for some recipients of text messages whom use non-iPhone mobiles.

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