CollabraCam™: Multicam Social Video Production (iPhone / iPad)


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Whether you want to cover all the bases at the little league game, produce your own talk show, capture action at the skate park, or shoot a video for your startup... CollabraCam makes it all possible by putting a live multicam production studio in the palm of your hands.  You're the director and your friends are your camera ops. From an iPad you can edit and direct up to six iOS cameras live, over Wi-Fi. Send action cues to your camera ops and get the best shots from every angle. When you call it a wrap, clips are collected and assembled, and you can watch or share your movie, minutes after it's shot! CollabraCam on the go with HotSpot to create a Wi-Fi network. CollabraCam utilizes the network, not your data plan. Don’t have HotSpot? Use a wireless router on location, there's no need for an internet connection… plug it in and you're ready to go! Or create an ad hoc network with your MacBook Pro. Review your footage in the app or export your movie to the Camera Roll and share from there. With iCloud Photo Library you can automatically upload to iCloud and download to your Mac with the new Photos app. Export clips to the Camera Roll to assemble in iMovie and add some effects or transitions on your iPad for quick and easy post-production... download from iCloud on your Mac with Photos and use iMovie on OS X or grab your movie or your clips from your Camera Roll with Image Capture. CollabraCam’s not magic and it's not pushed to the cloud for fairies to edit. It's easy-to-use, live multicam editing and on-the-fly directing which makes it unique. CollabraCam makes multicam video production a social experience... in real life. CollabraCam participates in the iTunes Volume Purchase Program for Education. Purchase in volume and tap into immediate benefits for your entire institution. VPP members receive a 50% discount when purchasing quantities of 20 or more. The First Edition of the CollabraCam User Guide is now available on iBooks. The CollabraCam User Guide was created to help new users learn how to use the app, from start to finish. It’s also great for educators and teachers to help students understand CollabraCam’s easy-to-use, live multicam editing and on-the-fly directing workflow. "The interface looks simple but ingenious." Fast Co. Design "This app teaches the skills of supervision and direction." AppoLearning "True collaborative learning in action!" iPadEducators "It’s just plain amazing." - iLounge Director/Editor • Direct a multicam video on-the-fly • Live editing over Wi-Fi or HotSpot • Connect and direct up to six cameras • Queue the next camera on standby • Direct camera ops with action cues • Remote control cameras with Galileo • Automatically generated credits clip • Video clips collected from cameras • Export full movies to the Camera Roll • Export clips for quick post-production Camera Op • Participate in a multicam video shoot • Notification on standby or recording • Receive action cues from the director • Clips are saved locally on cameras

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