* FABRIKA * (iPhone / iPad)


生活 / 49.80 MB / 3.3.0 版 / 2016-06-05 更新

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Invite yourself for a dreamy dose of visual art therapy. Mmmmmm. Using its magic Shuffle button, you can begin your first masterpiece in FABRIKA with a single tap. Its automagic algorithm will mix together whimsical shapes and gorgeous colour palettes into a unique drawing recipe. In mere moments you will turn your screen into a beautiful abstract creation. Even if you can’t draw. Not even a little bit. Not even kidding. *** More from our users: "I can't even imagine how you created this application, but let me tell you, it is the most amazing art creating app that I have ever used." - x ReapZz "Would never leave house if I had this as a kid." - @ShapeThings "The pictures you create are like the funnest and most impressive little works of art!!" - DokeyDockey "Fun and addictive app." - eqnxtc "So so so pretty." - @thesugarmonster "loveLoveLOVE" - Clare Curran

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