Marble Mixer (iPhone / iPad)


游戏 / 87.20 MB / 1.0.11 版 / 2011-01-25 更新

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Game Description: "If you’re looking for a fantastic party game to put in your pocket and engage your friends, you’ll have a hard time doing better than Marble Mixer." 4/5 stars, Bring the party home with Marble Mixer, a modern twist on the classic game of marbles! Have a blast playing with marbles all over again in this terrific 1-4 player game for the entire family. With Marble Mixer, the strategy, skill and fun come to life in three fantastic new ways: I. Space Mania: Shoot for points while removing your opponent's marbles from the playing field on this retro-arcade board. II. Table Tactics: Show your calm and calculating expertise as you strategize to conquer the board. III. Monster picnic: Enjoy the fast-and-furious chaos of feeding the marble munching monster. Each variation offers a simple flick-and-shoot control mechanic and true-to-life physics to make the game as you remember it. Get the marbelous party rolling! FEATURES • 1-4 player party game with three innovative modes • Simple flick-and-shoot controls • Cool and collected or fast and frenzied play styles • Realistic physics and high quality visuals • A good time with friends and family, aged 2 to 102! • Upload your scores to the Facebook leaderboard and see who’s the best of the best! GameHouse Guarantee: We take pride in the loyalty and trust our customers show us when they purchase a GameHouse product. If you are not completely satisfied with your recent purchase, please contact us at

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