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Alien Blue is a feature packed client for browsing Reddit. It has been developed from the ground-up for an intuitive touch-screen experience. So what makes Alien Blue the ultimate Reddit client for the iPhone? * Inline image viewing in comments * Ability to search Reddit's archive of posts * Add / Create Posts (and Self Threads) (PRO) * Multiple / Novelty Account Support * One-Tap Imgur Integration when posting (and when commenting) * One-Tap Quoting * Support for Casual Subreddits * Integrated "Readability" from Arc90 for in-built browser * One-Tap to "View All Images" in comments (PRO) * Large buttons for embedded links * Save State (when reading posts/comments) on Exit * Automatic notification of new messages from your Reddit inbox while you browse. * Post, and *edit* your comments * Interface optimised and tested for easy single handed browsing. * Fullscreen mode * Ability to exclude posts based on keywords (PRO) * Easily identify which comments are made from the Post creator. This is especially developed for AMA and AskReddit style threads. * Collapsable comments * (PRO) Tilt Scroll * (PRO) "Hide All" feature. Get fresh results every time. (syncs automatically with your hidden posts on the Reddit server). * Night mode option for very low backlight and reduced contrast. PRO Features ============ You can upgrade to the PRO version of Alien Blue within the Settings section of the application. Upgrading to the PRO edition of Alien Blue unlocks the following features: * Canvas View and Image Galleries * Comment Link previews (retina device required) * Retina Thumbnails (retina device required) * Create Posts / Self Threads * Exclude Posts by Keywords * One-Tap Imgur Integration * One-Tap Quoting * Multiple / Novelty Account support * "Hide All" displayed posts (syncs automatically with your Reddit account) * Subscribe & Unsubscribe to Reddits via Alien Blue * Tilt Scroll The Reddit logo is a licensed trademark of Conde Nast, and is used with express permission.

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