Snowflake ConfettiArt (iPhone / iPad)


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Paint custom frames and decorate your photos, design patterns to use as wallpaper, or just have fun doodling. Snowflake ConfettiArt is a lite version of our highly rated ConfettiArt app, featured in the App Store as "What's Hot" in Photography. Users say ConfettiArt is: "Totally addictive!", "I play with this a LOT…just keeps getting more fun." Snowflake ConfettiArt includes all the functionality of the ConfettiArt app, limited to snowflake shapes. • Several snowflake shapes are included, and they can be combined and overlaid to create countless unique variations. Load your brush with one or many. • For every shape you pick you can choose a range of colors, sizes, and rotations. • Set the brush size and density and flow, and specify whether the confetti is positioned randomly under the brush, centered, or aligned to a grid. Preview the brush before painting with it. • Shake to toss the confetti and see where it lands. • Save or Share via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. It's fun and addictive. Give it a try!

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