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Enjoy Classical Art in the Palm of Your Hand ------ This is an application to show high resolution images in a beautiful slide show of the main collection featuring national treasures and important cultural properties fromt the Nezu Museum. Japanese and East Asian art, as well as our galleries, can be enjoyed any time in the palm of your hand. Tapping on the screen during the slide show will display detailed information and commentary on each of the works of art. The application can be operated in Japanese or in English, and the commentary can also be displayed in the two languages. The switch is made automatically when the application is set up. The application also has a calendar function. It can display an annual calendar, from August 2011 to August 2012. Furthermore, the application can show high resolution images with commentary of approximately 120 works carefully chosen from the extensive Nezu Museum collection. You can even enjoy a web application which the software is linked to, introducing the latest news from the museum.

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