LINE POP (iPhone / iPad)

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Everyone's favorite LINE characters are here at LINE POP! Get ready for a heated battle with your friends in the Friends Ranking! - Match blocks to pop them away, and feel the stress of the day go POP too! Popping is easy! Pop as many blocks as you can within 1 minute by making chains of 3 or more! - POP Team Battle and Block Cookies are here! POP Team Battle will spilt the LINE POP world down the middle! Contribute to your team by collecting Block Cookies to power up Hyper Blocks! - A collection of cute Minimon and Frames! Summon Minimon and get Frames from Treasure Chests, then show them off to your friends! There are even exclusive Minimon and Frames which you can get from the event and by completing missions! - Welcome Back Event! Come back to POP! If it's been a while since you popped, log in now for a lovely surprise! ◆Languages LINE POP is available in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Spanish, and Korean.

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