SYMPHONICA for iPad (iPad)

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Regarding functionality on iOS9 --------- The following issue has been confirmed when running the app on iOS9:  ・After launching the app, a white screen appears, and subsequently does not proceed to the title screen. We are currently working to fix the issues above as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your continued patience. ---------- Apple iOS 9 Beta Notice (7/3) ---------- This is an important notice for players of SQUARE ENIX games on the iOS platform.   Apple has officially announced the release of its iOS 9 Beta.   However, since our apps are not compatible with the iOS 9 Beta at this time, we regret we are unable to provide customer support for any trouble arising from installation of this OS (including, but not limited to, data recovery or undelivered in-game currencies). Symphonica is an entirely new breed of music game. Its breezy controls and tightly integrated gameplay give you a taste of what it’s like to be an up-and-coming conductor via a wholly unique gaming experience. Give Chapters 0 through 3 a try for absolutely free! Featuring character design by Chinatsu Kurahana. > Story Einsatz, the city of music, founded by the legendary conductor Carlos and his companions and brought to where it is today by its citizens, the Audience. Talented musicians from around the world flock here with dreams of performing in King Hall at the top of Concerto Tower, which stands tall over the city. Takt has come to Einsatz to pursue his own dream of becoming the world’s best conductor. Little did he know that he’d be in charge of the ramshackle Fayharmonic, an orchestra on the verge of collapse. Leaning on Takt as their last hope, the Fayharmonic and their new conductor set their sights on King Hall. Thus begins the tale of Takt and his companions in song! > Game Highlights 1.Not Your Usual Music Game The lack of specially designated tapping “hot spots” gives you more freedom, allowing you to feel more of what it’s like to be a conductor. Never-before-seen features like tempo shifts and real-time, control-linked volume changes put a fresh new spin on the music game genre (patent pending). 2.Tightly Integrated Gameplay and Story Unlike games that let you pick and choose only the songs you like, Symphonica puts you in the role of a conductor honing the skills of his musicians. In this novel approach to the genre, the music game portion is organically integrated with the story, so you’ll be drawn in by the gripping plot while performing stunning classical pieces. 3.Go Even Further Perform at higher score levels to increase your orchestra’s Fame and add new pieces to your repertoire. Plus, once you’ve cleared a given song with a certain number of points, you can test your skill with a more challenging version of the song. It’s perfect for experienced music game aficionados! 4.A Treasure Trove of Classical Masterpieces Featuring nearly 50 instantly recognizable songs (20 full performances and approximately 30 rehearsal pieces), including Dvorak’s New World Symphony and Beethoven’s Fifth. You might not necessarily know a piece’s name, but once you hear a few notes, you’ll be humming the whole thing!

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