Hotel Transylvania Dash (iPhone / iPad)


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PlayFirst and Sony Pictures Animation team up to bring you Hotel Transylvania Dash, a frightfully fun game based on the upcoming movie, Hotel Transylvania! Help Dracula run a lavish 5-stake resort for lovable, quirky monsters, including Murray the Mummy, Frankenstein and his wife, a family of werewolves, and more! As Dracula, you’ll book rooms, deliver room service and luggage, and attend to your guests’ needs. Use your hard-earned blood bills to buy new decorations and deck out your VIP suites with help from Dracula’s daughter, Mavis. Mayhem ensues when human Jonathan stumbles into the hotel - the first human ever to discover the monsters-only retreat! With addictive Dash gameplay and lovable monster characters, Hotel Transylvania Dash is a ghoulish good time for all ages! FEATURES * Meet charming monsters from the Hotel Transylvania movie, including: - George and Gina Gremlin: Leave worm cakes at their door for extra points! - The Swamp Monster: He always requests towels for his daily swim. - Bigfoot: He loves to travel with an entourage! * Play frightfully fun levels * Enjoy addictive Dash gameplay * Deck out your hotel with more than 40 decorations and upgrades * Play on iPhone and iPad

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