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Simple, Easy and Beautiful! Now, make your own handy and well-favored notepad with NOTE'd NOTE'd sort notepads for use you want and save every minute of you whenever. The idea flashed into your head, the beautiful scenery before your eyes, the music ringing in your ears and here at your feet. Do note'd the everything. * Try NOTE'd like this - Write brief memo, diary - Wishlist when go supermarket - travel notes for the memory of your trip - Voice memo when can't type - Both location of famous restaurants and pictures of delicious foods, guidebook for famous restaurants - Photo album with pictures and stories * NOTE'd provides many useful features. - Notepad design of various style - Attach photo, map and voice memo - Make notepads into categories - Easy and handy bookmark - Unity view for every memos, bookmarked memos - Labeling for the lastest memo - Watch, Listen now memos and attachments - Support proverb, famous saying (Please make a blank memo) - Notes for Lock Screen - Sharing to Twitter, Facebook - Send E-mail and Text Message - Password protection (start-up screen and for each notepad) - Backup/Restore with Dropbox - Sort Notepads with Drag&Drop

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