Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash (iPhone)


游戏 / 2.0.3 版 / 2013-02-13 更新

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Download this amazing game while its FREE! But be *warned* that this game is hours of addictive fun and comes loaded with unlockable features incl 10 of the best Inspector Gadget TV episodes of all time, Dr. Claw's mysterious face, ringtone, sound board, concept art, powerups, and upgrades. Go Go Gadget Run! Everyone’s favorite bumbling detective, Inspector Gadget, finds his way into a new fast-paced adventure where the Inspector uses his collection of gadgets to chase down Dr. Claw and his henchmen and save his niece Penny. ********** Downloaded 1 million+ times within 4 days!!!! "This new version of Inspector Gadget is an endless runner in the realm of Canabalt that adds a few go-go-gadget gimmicks to spice things up...with the impeccable sound effects and graphics, the game really does stand out from the crowd." -- Chris Hall, In Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash, you play the bionic hero as he swings from cranes; jumps speeding trains; and much, much, more as he avoids a variety of menacing hazards. Do your best to capture the elusive Claw and free Penny. ********** Features: * Endless play mode for endless fun * An array of gadget's including rocket skates, umbrella, super jumps and spring-loaded arms at your disposal * Fun and challenging hazards to avoid including speeding trains, power lines, spinning fans, bananas, birds as well as bombs and homing missiles dropped by Dr. Claw himself * Collect Gs (special Gadget coins) throughout the game to be used to unlock bonus content * Game Center integration so you can challenge your friends and see who gets the highest score! * 10 of the best FULL TV episodes * Unlock and unscramble an image to reveal the elusive Dr. Claw’s face! * GoGoGadget ringtone * Gadget Soundboard (“Wowzers!”) * Concept art samples * Retina Display graphics ********** Check out our other amazing games!! Cows vs. Aliens, Drag Racer World, Ghostbusters™ Paranormal Blast, and Fashion Star Boutique! ********** Visit Us! Like Us! Follow Us! @xmgstudio Watch Us!

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