Stargrid (iPhone / iPad)


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Control swarms of stars and disrupt the galaxy! A single touch creates an impact that ripples to and from it's maximum radius, while multiple touches affect each other. By changing the direction, particles can be pushed or pulled but always spring back into place when touch is released. Press the infinity button to loop the animation or use freeze to create motion trails. Use the capture button to send screenshots to your photo library. Stargrid is a particle simulator for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created with openFrameworks. Programmed and designed by Jason Walters. INSTRUCTIONS Grid - Spacing of the particles Radius - Size of the impact Size - Size of the particles Speed - Force of gravity Freeze - Decrease to create motion trails Ghost - Opacity of the particles Direction - Push or pull the particles Infinity - Pixel animation loops Camera - Enables the capture button Capture - Saves screenshot to your photos CONTACT @jasonrwalters

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