Cash Catcher (iPhone / iPad)


游戏 / 31.90 MB / 1.7.0 版 / 2012-06-19 更新

¥ 18.00


★A happy new year!Try a happy family game!Now for just $0.99!★ ★A Monopoly alike board game!★ ★3rd place at App Store China overall ranking!★ ★1st place on board games and family games!★ Built on top of the classic board game framework, it launches on the iOS platform with brand new design and production. In the《Cash catcher》, you will get distinctive characters, hilarious plot, multi-style maps, challenges and achievements, global ranking, and ever expanding new content! ★Features Multiple style maps, including real world city map such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and fantasy world map such as Iceland and Desert. Original characters. Hilarious plot & dialogues. ★To be a professional cash catcher, you should do: Real estate speculation; Investment on stocks; Use Various kinds of cards to your competitors; ★ And don't forget, you could: Change game speed; Play your own music during game; Try different game mode with different rules; Challenge Game Center™'s Achievements & Different ranking; Visit our website for more tips, and don't hesitate to contact us!

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