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"Enscripted" is the latest code-breaking word game to hit the App Store, combining the best and coolest movie quotes with the classic 'cipher' word puzzle. Not for the fainthearted, this challenging word puzzle will have you scratching your head for hours. After scrambling the letters of a movie quote (and its title), you'll need to swap them one letter at a time until you reveal the answer. Preloaded with 366 quotes, you'll receive a new quote every day of the year (with 7 quotes to get you started). And with only the best films (and coolest quotes) from the last thirty years, you can expect to be entertained all year long. Additional packs of quotes available too, to keep you busy when you've finished the daily quote. Game Center integration means your can log your total score online and compete against both friends and strangers. Ideal for fans of crossword puzzles, cryptograms, Bookworm, Jumble and Word Find games. Please note: Enscripted contains quotations from a wide range of different movies - a handful of which contain references to sex and drugs, and contain profanities. ***Coming Soon: more quotes for those who can't get enough, and hints for those who can't solve enough ***

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