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Quicklytics is simply the easiest and fastest way to check your Google Analytics account! -- TUAW: Quicklytics is the Analytics client that Google should have made -- -- John Gruber: "It's my favorite.", "Best for my needs" -- -- Featured in WHAT'S HOT in OVER 30 countries! - April 2013 -- With Quicklytics, you can check almost realtime analytics about the visits of your sites in a simple dashboard matter of seconds! The app supports unlimited Google Analytics accounts and also unlimited sites per account. For the IPod, iPhone and IPad, and with FULL support for RETINA displays! Your Google Analytics data will look beatiful! * Quicklytics focuses on displaying the most important data for your Google Analytics accounts: Number of visitors, pageviews, average pageviews and bounce rate. But if you want to see more metrics, just touch the big chart! You'll be able to see lots of different charts: * Visitor reports: like Country/City, Browsers, type of visitor, etc * Sources reports: such as the list of sources of visits, referring sites, keywords used, and campaings * Content reports: with Top Content, Top Landing pages, Site Search, and 4 different reports for Events * Goals reports: incudes total conversions, conversion rates and total value * E-Commerce reports: including total transactions and revenue, totals per transaction and product performance! You can also quickly use the results of one report to filter values for other reports, creating unlimited combinations, and allowing you to quickly understand different traffic patterns on your site. Understand your data in a quick and actionable way! ----- Here's what some of our users have to say: "It's my favorite.", "Best for my needs" - John Gruber, on Twitter. "Absolutely priceless for the blog and social media entrepreneur, LIVE updating traffic and trends at your fingertips. Skip the other apps, this is the only thing to buy!" - Michael Rotella on iTunes "I love Quicklytics, It's revolutionised the way I view my stats on a day-to-day basis." - Aaron Humphreys, from http://www.miltonbayer.com "Does exactly what I needed without costing an arm and a leg" -- Jeremy M "If you're a Google Analytics addict like myself then you'll love this app!" -- TheiPhoneG33k "This is exactly what I needed.. .a simple, well done app that gives me the info I need!" - RyanFerretti If you're having problems with the application, please contact me at support@escoz.com. I would love to fix any issues found as soon as possible!

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