Jean's Boutique (iPhone / iPad)


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### Jean's Boutique Deluxe is now Available!!! Look for it in the iTunes. ### Jean's Boutique 2 is now Available!!! Look for it in the iTunes. Jean's Boutique Time Management Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Manage your own virtual Jean's Boutique. Run your own Jean's Boutique, a great fashion game combined with the fun of serving customers. To make it in the fast-paced world of fashion, Jean will need to be fast on her feet, dedicated to her customers, wise in her upgrades. For fast fashion fun, there's no place like Jean's Boutique! Recommended for fans of Time Management Games. Basic Concepts: - Serving customers fast keeps them happy. - Waiting customers can get upset, angry and will eventually leave the store. - Each day the store will remain open for a limited time. Features: - Total 40 Stage. - 8 unique locations with 5 levels each. - 7 unique customer types. - 10 unique clothes types. - Use Wink & Flatter Skill. Endless Mode: - Once you finish a boutique in STORY MODE, you can play ENDLESS MODE. - If a customer leaves out, you will lose a heart. Once you run out of hearts the game will end. - If you provide continuous services to five customers with five hearts(5 COMBO), you will obtain a one heart. - Global Ranking System

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