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NOTE: It is highly recommended people purchase Filterstorm Neue rather than Filterstorm. Future development has moved to Filterstorm Neue. This app will continue to receive bug fixes. Filterstorm has been designed from the ground up to meet your iPad and iPhone photo editing needs. Using a uniquely crafted touch interface, Filterstorm allows for more intuitive editing than its desktop counterparts with a toolset designed for serious photography. A favorite of Photojournalists, Filterstorm is at home in a professional workflow, or for anyone who simply wants to get the most out of their pictures while on the road. Filterstorm contains a suite of powerful tools including layers, curves manipulation, color correction abilities, noise reduction, sharpening, vignetting, and black and white conversion fine-tuning. It also includes the powerful ability to adjust masks by brush, color range, gradient, and vignettes. Tutorial videos are available at and are linked to from within the app. Features: • Layers (Max 5 at a time. When a 6th is added, the bottom two layers will be automatically merged) • Ability to apply adjustments to entire image, by brush, gradient, color range, vignette, or selecting opacity. • Send images via Email, FTP,SFTP, Flickr, Dropbox, Twitter, and Facebook • Export high-res images. Suggested max: 22MP (iPad2/iPhone4S), 7.5MP (iPhone 4), 5MP (iPad 1) • Save edits as automations to apply to other images • Edit masks with brushes (adjustable size, softness, and opacity) • Edit masks with gradients • Edit masks by color selection • Edit masks by vignette • Combine multiple images using layers and masks • Curves: Luminance, RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow • Levels tool: Luminance, RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow • Autoexposure • Brightness/Contrast • Shadows/Highlights • Color balance • White point picker • Temperature • Saturation • Text tool • Black and white fine-tuning • Image editing History • Cropping, with the ability to specify aspect ratio • Scaling/Scale to Fit • Rotation & Image Straightening • Add Borders • Combine multiple exposures • Vignetting (circular, or oval scaled to image aspect ratio) • Sharpen • Tone map (Simulated HDR) • Blur • Noise reduction • Add noise • Clone Tool • Numerous layer blend modes • EXIF support for JPEG and some RAWs • IPTC support: For a full list of supported metadata tags, visit Filterstorm's website at Recommended by "Rough Guide to the iPad" "Filterstorm was designed for the iPad from the beginning, and is a study in limitation and excellence." - App Craver "While Filterstorm certainly won’t replace your image-optimization workflow on your desktop computer, it can prove useful (and fun) enough that you will want to put it to use for quick adjustments to fine-tune an image you want to share via your iPad. " - Digital Photo Pro

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