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Bottom of the Ninth is the first animated graphic novel of it's kind, created by Hollywood artist, Ryan Woodward (The Avengers, Ironman 2 , Spider-man 2&3, The Iron Giant(1998) etc.) In the year 2172, Tao City bleeds New Baseball, an artificial gravity enhanced version of the traditional sport. Candy Cunningham, 18, finds herself facing a fierce batter and offended fans who have never seen a girl on the pitchers mound before. Enjoy the feeling of a classic comic book, enhanced with touch activated voices, animation and music. It's a whole new storytelling experience. Baseball legend, Dale Murphy, (Atlanta Braves, 2-time MVP) lends his voice as "The Murph", a retired pro gone announcer. Key Points: 1. First animated graphic novel of it's kind - this is a whole new form of interactive storytelling. 2. Classic comic book feel enhanced with feature film quality 2d and 3d animated panels. 3. 2-time MVP Dale Murphy (Atlanta Braves) lends his voice as a fictional ex-pro turned announcer 5. Original music score and touch activated voices for every word bubble. 4. In the comic tradition of sequential issues to tell a story, Issue 01 - Prologue, is the first of a 10 app series that follows the career adventures of Candy Cunningham. 5. This completely original story entertains on several different layers and attracts interest from a variety of demographics including, baseball fans, comic readers, animation enthusiasts, "girl power" activists etc.) 6. For sample animations, see the preview trailer at

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