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Schedule projects and tasks visually, using timelines. - Timelines make project planning easy. A quick glance tells you when you're working on multiple projects at once, what order they are due in, and what's coming up next. - Flick through your schedule with ease. Timeli eschews rigid month views in favour of a continuous, smoothly scrolling timeline. - Make changes to a project by interacting with the timeline itself. Simply tap a timeline to select it, and then drag the start and end dates. - Need more detail? Timeli features pinch-to-zoom, so you can quickly zoom in for the day-to-day details, and zoom out for the big picture. - Share & collaborate. Print your schedule using AirPrint, or send it over e-mail. - Add tasks to break a project down into manageable goals. Timeli helps you keep track of the time you've scheduled for tasks versus the time scheduled for the project. Press quotes: "Timeli does a great job of bringing something unique and practical to the table." AppAdvice.com Support: Please do not send bug reports or feature requests through the App Store. Instead, get a direct response from us via e-mail (support@timeliapp.com) or Twitter (@timeliapp). We’re always happy to help our customers and receive feedback.

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