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Maxthon SkyNote is a truly cross-platform notepad app that syncs from your PC, mobile phone and tablets. It is simple, elegant and easy to use. Powered by Maxthon’s world-leading cloud technology, SkyNote is a must-have tool for your multi-device digital life. It not only enhances your productivity, it also brings fun and joy to your everyday life. Here are a couple examples: -Create a shopping list on your PC and sync it to your mobile phone – never forget anything before you leave the store! -Create a to-do list on your PC, sync it to your mobile phone before you go run your errands. – avoid situations like “oops, I forgot to drop by the Post Office” -You can also create and edit notes on your phone or tablets, and sync them to your PC SkyNote is packed of cool features like: -Create and edit notes -Sync notes to PC, mobile phones and tablets -Search notes and organize notes in different categories -Notes sharing – share notes through email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more -And more… *For the best experience, please use SkyNote with Maxthon 3 versions or later on your PC

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