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"Mushroom Garden" has been renewed! The app became more comfortable to play! New rare Funghi & new features are added!! ▶"Mushroom Garden HD" ------------------------------------------------------------- [Notice about Android 5.0] This app may not perform correctly on Android 5.0. We are now planning to adjust the app to Android 5.0 in future update, and will announce in app and official website when it come to the decision. If you were to play this app, please wait for the update until the decision is made. [Notice about Android 7.0] The text in this app may not be displayed correctly on Android 7.0. *Please contact to Google or Company of the device if you have questions about OS update or checking the version of OS. *Please update the OS version under your responsibility. [Notice about "File Corruption" and "App Initialization" come from using the cache delete app] We have found that certain cache deleting app may delete the data required for "Mushroom Garden" and it causes the "File Corruption" and/or "App Initialization". If you are using cache delete app, please remove "Mushroom Garden" from "cache Delete target application" and it may improve the situation. We deeply apologize about the situation and appreciate your understanding. ------------------------------------------------------------- Holy moly, there's fungus among us! It's the world's first genuine mushroom-growing sim! "Funghi" the mushroom has always dreamed of this...a chance to literally make some new friends! An amazing new method of mushroom cultivation on Android phones has been discovered! It's an all-new mushroom growing and harvesting simulator! ───────────────────── *Harvesting feels great! Harvest an entire log full of mushrooms in a single swipe! The superb touch interface will send a thrill up your spine! *Complete your Library! 30 kinds of mushrooms have been discovered so far! Collect the first 30 species to get the "Mutant Mushroom" page added to your Library! Aim to complete your Library while powering up your equipment! *Daily mushroom care! Be careful not to ignore your mushrooms, or they'll dry up! Remove mold from the mushroom-growing log with repeated taps, to keep it clean and fresh! ───────────────────── Funghi Official Site facebook twiter(Japanese Only) “蘑菇园”已经更新了! 该应用程序变得更加舒适的玩!新的难得的Funghi和添加新功能! ▶“蘑菇园HD” -------------------------------------------------- ----------- [关于Android 5.0注意] 这个应用程序可能无法在Android 5.0正确执行。 我们现正计划调整应用的Android 5.0在将来的更新,并会在应用程序和官方网站上公布的时候才来决定。 如果你玩这个应用程序,请等待更新,直到作出决定。 [关于Android 7.0注意] 在此应用程序中的文本可能无法在Android 7.0中正确显示。 *请联系到谷歌或设备的公司,如果你对操作系统的更新或检查OS的版本问题。 *请更新您的下责任操作系统版本。 [注意关于“文件损坏”和“应用程序初始化”来自使用缓存中删除应用程序] 我们已经发现,某些缓存删除应用程序可能删除“蘑菇园”所需的数据,并导致“文件损坏”和/或“应用程序初始化”。 如果您使用的是缓存中删除应用程序,请删除从“蘑菇园”,“高速缓存删除目标应用程序”,它可以改善这种状况。 我们表示深深的歉意有关情况,并感谢您的理解。 -------------------------------------------------- ----------- 圣钼,还有我们之间木耳! 它是世界上第一个真正的蘑菇种植SIM! “Funghi”蘑菇一直梦想这个......一个机会,从字面上结交一些新朋友! 在Android手机蘑菇种植的惊人的新方法已被发现! 这是一个全新的蘑菇种植和收获模拟器! ───────────────────── *收获感觉好极了! 收获的整个日志全在一个单一的刷卡蘑菇! 精湛的触控界面将发送快感你的脊椎! *填写您的图书馆! 30种蘑菇迄今已发现的! 收集前30种获得添加到您的图书馆“突变蘑菇”页面! 目标是完成你的图书馆在上电时你的装备! *每日蘑菇保健! 要小心,不要忽略你的蘑菇,否则他们会干起来! 从蘑菇种植日志反复水龙头取下模具,以保持它的清洁和新鲜! ───────────────────── Funghi官方网站 Facebook的 twiter(日语)

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