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Millions of people use every day to track the music they listen to from their favourite services and power their music & event recommendations. Tracking all of the music you listen to via your Android device has never been easier. This update includes the much requested support of Soundcloud, plus the following services: - Spotify - Deezer - Google Play - And many more! The app also allows you to: - View your personal artists, albums and tracks charts - 'Love' tracks Follow on 数以百万计的人使用Last.fm每天从自​​己喜欢的服务追踪他们所听的音乐和功率他们的音乐和活动的建议。 通过您的Android设备跟踪所有你听的音乐从未如此简单。 此更新包括程度请求的SoundCloud的支持,再加上以下服务: - Spotify的 - 的Deezer - 谷歌播放 - 还有很多!     该应用程序还允许你: - 查看您的个人艺术家,专辑和曲目图表 - “爱”的轨道 按照Last.fm上 (Android)的截图 (Android)的短评(23)

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