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TweetBot is an automatic life-logging tool using social tags and Twitter. TweetBot provides you to better-understand life-log summary by using social tagging. This iPhone App complements and records your activities as a life-log summary automatically on your Twitter's timeline using photos & social tags from the internet. **NOTICE** This application is NOT a twitter client but is an automatic life-logging app described by nearby/related photos and tags of your track from the Internet. ***Tips*** 1. You can keep your diary automatically. 2. You can easy to comprehend your group trip summary by sharing your Bot's account. 3. You can discover unknown/non-geotagged nearby tweets on twitter by the hash tags collected by your Bot on your timeline. 4. You can use your iPhone while TweetBot is working (TweetBot supports multitasking). ***Notes*** +Twitter’s account is required. +We recommend you to create a new Twitter’s account for your TweetBot because it’s easy to sort the tweets by yourself and your Bot. +This Product uses Flickr API but is NOT endorsed certified by Flikcr +This Product uses Twitter API but is NOT endorsed certified by Twitter +Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life (iPhone4 enable to use background mode for 10hours).

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