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OkCupid Dating by OkCupid.com Https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/okcupid-dating/id338701294?mt=8

My review was removed but you can’t silence everybody. And I’m gonna tell you again with seriousness: by destroying this site, you are destroying numerous people’s life as well. No one likes your heartless changes, taking all the thoughtful and friendly features away and imposing all the shallow swiping craps on us. We don’t need another Tinder. Doesn’t match.com already own one? You’ve turned a proper intellectual matching system into a nasty meat market. Too bad there’s no alternative at the moment. I do wish the original founder of OkCupid could recreate another app just like the old OkCupid we once loved so we can resort to it for meaningful connections. I’m pretty sure my potential matches are amongst those negative commenters here. All the positive references just look so fake.

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