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【白羊座】 Sexy is as sexy does, Aries. With your planetary ruler, Mars, streaming through your house of healthy living, your mojo is directly connected to how much you move your body and how well you take care of yourself. No doubt about it, this time of year is rife with temptations. Trying to meet them with extreme willpower is just a recipe for failure. Pack away the Master Cleanse kit and get on board with a moderate program that is sensible, balanced and focused more on action than deprivation. One truth has become evident: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Earmark three non-negotiable time slots for fitness, and treat them with the same priority that you would a work appointment. If friends want to socialize during that time, tell them to slip on the spandex and join you at your barre class. Download an app that lets you track your food. You’ll be amazed by how much you actually can eat that’s both delicious and healthy. Exercise can feel like a joy rather than a trip through the torture chamber if yo


【白羊座】 Sexy is as sexy does, Aries. With your planetary ruler, Mars, streaming through your house of healthy living, your mojo is directly connected to how much you move your body and how well you take care of yourself. No doubt about it, this time of year is rife with temptations. Trying to meet them with extreme willpower is just a recipe for failure. Pack away the Master Cleanse kit and get on board with a moderate program that is sensible, balanced and focused more on action than deprivation. One truth has become evident: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Earmark three non-negotiable time slots for fitness, and treat them with the same priority that you would a work appointment. If friends want to socialize during that time, tell them to slip on the spandex and join you at your barre class. Download an app that lets you track your food. You’ll be amazed by how much you actually can eat that’s both delicious and healthy. Exercise can feel like a joy rather than a trip through the torture chamber if you do something you love, like taking a dance class, joining an indoor soccer team or even working out with a great personal trainer. Mix it up, Aries. The rush of serotonin and endorphins … my, how they help to get you in the mood. This is not necessarily about weight loss, Aries, but rather about nourishing and energizing your body so you can enjoy the feeling of being in your own beautiful skin. With three heavenly bodies convening in your travel sector, you might also be called to take an unexpected trip this week. Someone may ping you from afar with a potential business opportunity. Have the Skype meeting and see if there’s a click. Cross-cultural connections are highlighted, and there may be one that sizzles with romantic potential. If you’re wondering if the feeling is mutual, come right out and ask. Mercury is in nakedly honest Sagittarius now, and there’s no point in beating around the bush. 爱情 You’re one lusty lady this week, Aries, but is the trust factor also in place? Don’t be fooled by blindingly good nookie. You need to feel that sense of integrity in anyone you invite into your boudoir. Although you are capable of living for the moment, now is not the time to separate emotions from physical experiences. Get issues ironed out with your partner or, if you are newly dating, make sure you don’t rush into anything that could compromise the longevity of the union. Pacing yourself — at least for another week, if not longer — is advisable. Your Aries guy: Pump up the sexy in your relationship with Mr. Aries. This week, as sultry Scorpio comes to an end, he needs to feel the strength of your physical connection before he can open up his heart to a deeper level of love. Of course, his brusque edge can make it a little hard to get in the mood. To really connect with him, ask for a massage. He’s definitely willing to give in order to receive. 【金牛座】 With passionate Mars continuing to heat up your romance house all week, you owe it to yourself to give your love life more focus. This week, the red planet sends a sexy wink to Jupiter in Taurus, waking you up inside. Follow the cosmic directive to spruce yourself up, plan more nights on the town, do something special for your sweetie or give the online dating scene yet another try. Stay away from negative statistics about the state of relationships in the modern world. You’re a planner, and you may think these tidbits are helpful, but they’re not. These numbers keep you in your head rather than your heart — the wrong place to be if you want to stay in touch with your feelings. Love can come at any given moment, and your job now is to be as receptive to it as possible without trying too hard. You’re a giver, Bull, but that’s where you need to watch yourself. Being overly generous can create feelings of pressure and expectation, and throw relationships off balance. That doesn’t mean you should hold back completely. Just allow people to return your kindness before you offer up yet another favor. You believe in the power of a long-term investment, and with Mercury, Venus, and the Moon’s North Node (the cosmic destiny point) aligning in your house of big money, a huge opportunity may be presented to you. This is not the garden-variety 9-to-5 gig, but rather one that allows you to earn lump sums of cash through commissions, bonuses or percentage of profits. Traveling or dealing with people in other parts of the world may figure in. Check your passport. Is it up to date? You might have to hop a flight at a moment’s notice. 爱情 You need romance in your life — and so you assume everybody else does, too. Fair assumption, but not everyone shows it the same way you do. So while it’s easy to give your partner what you want, you might actually be missing the mark by a country mile. This week, challenge yourself to ask questions instead of making generalizations or presumptions. You might find that what your love interest craves is easier to muster than the elaborate plan you had. And while you’re at, check in and assess whether you’re being clear enough about what turns you on. Your Taurus guy: Whatever you do, don’t send him mixed signals this week. He needs to know unequivocally where he stands with you as he is pondering a big move. There could be a ring in his pocket, or he could be ready to offer another symbol of his willingness to take things to the next level. If he doesn’t feel totally confident that he’ll get a yes, however, he might be too scared to broach the subject. 【双子座】 They say that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, but that’s never been an easy concept for you to swallow. You like to explore your options. Endlessly. The trouble is, Gemini, you keep discovering the same thing: Nobody and nothing is perfect. Rather than continuing to “upgrade,” take a moment to appreciate what and whom you are currently dealing with. If you keep yourself at a cool distance, observing, judging and waiting for things to click into place, that “Aha!” moment will never arrive. Rather, Gemini, you need to make an added effort to engage with people and to seek out motivating challenges in the work that you’re doing. Set aside questions like “Is he The One?” or “Is this the right job for me?” You did manifest these circumstances, so perhaps they are in your life to teach you something. How can you maximize their potential? Everyone has at least one thing to offer. Start mining for magic instead of looking for flaws. A funny thing may happen when you do: People can literally transform before your eyes. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly attracted to a person you felt “meh” about last week, or inspired about a project that had cooled to a tepid temperature. It’s never a waste of time to form stronger connections with people. Someone from your inner circle may have news about a job opportunity for you. Scroll through your contact database. If a name jumps out at you, shoot a “what’s up” email over and find out if there are some win-wins brewing. Divine timing is everything, and with the Scorpio Sun heating up your work sector for one more week, following up with someone you met with in the past could bring a much-awaited opportunity to collaborate. 爱情 However intensely you feel the need for reassurance that things are processing along the track to commitment, resist the urge to bug your mate on the subject. (He’s getting there, but he’s not ready to discuss it.) Rather than see him as a vehicle to scratch your itch, ask what you can do for him. With the Sun in your sixth house of service, it feels better to give than receive — just know where to draw the line so you don’t wind up resentful. Single? You could meet someone while volunteering or at a charity event. Your Gemini guy: There’s a side to your brainy guy that you’re not aware of, and this week you get to see it in full operation. He has a strong need to be needed, so let him be your hero. If you have something that requires fixing, ask for his advice before you call the handyman or take your computer to the geek squad. The more you let him help you, the more attracted to you he’ll be. 【巨蟹座】 You’re a nester by nature, but with Saturn holding court in your domestic sector for the past year and a half, it’s been hard to get your house in order. This week Saturn links arms with Neptune, helping you resolve some of the murky feelings you had about home and family. Your desire to move a domestic matter ahead at lightning speed didn’t work out as planned. Well, phew, Cancer. The slowed pace, while frustrating, has given you time to collect your thoughts and get all your ducks in a row. The tide is turning toward the positive now, and a moment of insight and clarity is due this week. Pay attention to the lightbulbs popping on in your cranium. You may finally hit on a creative solution that allows you to move ahead to the next stage of the game without burning bridges in the process. A female family member or friend may play a significant role in this matter. Romantically, the Scorpio sun is cranking up the heat for one more week. Are you itching to utter the “L” word or be more demonstrative of your feelings? Don’t hold back! Cancer, you can confuse people by keeping your cards too close to your chest. Let the object of your affections know that you are indeed feeling the love. A gushing display of sentiment, done in private of course, will score you major points. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is your week to steer the ship toward more romantic ports. If you’re single, spruce yourself up. Scorpio’s makeover magic helps you devise a potently pretty look for yourself. While you’re at it, smile for the camera. You could get a killer shot to post to your dating profile. Hello, irresistible! 爱情 There are better ways to keep your love life interesting than to pick a fight or let yourself crush on a bad boy, a married dude or some other hopelessly unavailable type. If you need excitement, don’t put the pressure on your love interest to provide it. As a deeply sensitive person, that’s the last thing you should do! Instead, retrain yourself to find other areas of life to provide that. Dive into an independent interest or three and fall in love with your own life. That way you’ll bring your best self to the table. Your Cancer guy: He’s full of romantic proclamations this week, which would normally be enough to make any gal swoon, yet you can’t help but ask how seriously you should take him. Unfortunately, you won’t reach a verdict immediately. Since he’ll be in his sweet-talking mode all week, the jury is still out. Pay attention over the course of the next five weeks, and you’ll start to see whether he can put his money where his mouth is. 【狮子座】 Handle your biz on the home front, Leo. With the Scorpio Sun lighting up your domestic sector for one final week, the action is happening under your own roof. You’ve been a busy bee this fall, thanks to Jupiter heating up your career sector. Unfortunately, your personal life may have suffered in the process. Time with roomies and family has been limited, and you still haven’t gotten around to doing all your laundry. No more excuses. Arm yourself with the required tools for a power-cleaning mission and get your home base in order. If the job is too big to handle alone, coax a few helpful friends with wine and delicious take-out. It’s not just about prettying up your space, although you can certainly add your creative flair. You simply can’t operate at peak level if you’re living in chaos. Getting your cash in order is also a big deal now, as motivator Mars is plowing through your income sector for eight months. The formula for financial sanity is simple: Spend less than you earn. But with your lust for life, you might have those figures flipped. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to get back to brass tacks and map out a budget. The numbers provide the facts, plain as day. If don’t know how to set this process up, a few hours with a financial planner would be well worth the hourly rate. Once you have a system in place for balancing your accounts, you’ll fly with it, Leo. If you’re looking for new sources of income, Mars helps you assert yourself with greater verve. Where have you been giving away the proverbial milk for free? If you’ve paid your dues and proved your dedication, start putting a price tag on your offerings. People won’t pay up unless you ask them to. That said, you need to come to the table with a clearly defined salary requirement or hourly fee. Spend time researching the going rates for your offerings. 爱情 You’re in a sentimental frame of mind this week and feeling nostalgic for the past. If you’re single, you probably can’t do much harm by looking up old crushes on Facebook — the ones you never had any huge drama with, that is. You never know: There might be enough water under the bridge to give it another go after all these years. In a relationship? The week is ripe for cozy moments at home. It’s also a great time to reconnect with family and get to know your partner’s relatives better by sharing some Thanksgiving planning. Your Leo guy: The Party Guy turns into the Family Guy this week, and he has a deep hankering to bond with his brood. If you want to score major brownie points, ask him questions about his childhood and old friends. It’s like whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He’ll have lots of fun hanging in his lair, so plan your dates at his place, with a focus on the kitchen — and the bedroom. 【处女座】 Widen your search radius, Virgo. Opportunity may be found farther from home than expected this week, thanks to wandering Jupiter power-lunching with go-getter Mars in Virgo. Pause from pounding the pavement in your ’hood and log on to your computer instead. Like David Hasselhoff and Kylie Minogue, you could become “really big in Europe” or maybe just a few states away from the one in which you reside. Not that you have to book a plane ticket or anything. With the Scorpio Sun blasting through your social networking zone for one last week, your Facebook friends and LinkedIn liaisons can provide the perfect hookups for you. Welcome to the world of telecommuting. Please hit “Send” and deliver your work for the week. Ideas for an Internet-based venture may be dancing through your head, possibly even one that involves importing or exporting goods, or producing media that’s delivered through the Web. Follow the flow of your inner entrepreneur. You’ll be in an amazing head space for generating business ideas over the next eight months, and one of these ideas could be your ticket to financial freedom. It’s a bit too soon to tell, however, so find a proper way to record your brainstorms and give them a little more time to gestate. If your communication or transportation devices are in need of an upgrade, this is the week to shop around. Mercury will be turning retrograde next week, making it a less than auspicious time to purchase anything that’s wired. Browse the selection of iGadgets, price used cars, get the voice-activated device that makes your drive to work more pleasant and efficient. 爱情 Your mind might be made up, but your feelings are likely to run hot and cold this week, so reserve judgment on important love-related matters. If you have to make any major decisions regarding your relationship, try to hold off until next week, when you’ll have an easier time tuning in to how you really feel. In the meanwhile, expect to be turned on and turned off in equal measure. If you’re single and eager to change that status, start by sexying up your dating profile to show you have spark and spunk as well as substance. Your Virgo guy: Sprinkle a little makeover magic into his world. He might need a little polishing up to bring out his best, but you know better than anyone that there’s a diamond inside that lump of carbon. His patience for shopping might be slim, but online stores were probably invented out of some Virgo’s need for quick research. Who knows? You might even get him to trade his blue oxford for a funky vintage Hawaiian shirt. 【天秤座】 Strategic networking pays off in a major way this week as planets form a trifecta in your house of dynamic duos. Have faith! Your efforts are not in vain, Libra, even if you can’t see results yet. Persistence is the antidote to resistance — and that resistance includes both your internal defiance and the pushback you’re feeling from the outside world. Keep putting yourself out there. Pick up the phone and make those cold calls. Stay a little longer at the industry gathering, stop by those trade-show booths, attend the cocktail hours. For you, Libra, it truly is all about who you know, and your success hinges upon your ever-expanding contact database. That meant-to-be connection could come this week, and it only takes one person to change your fate forever. In affairs of the heart, this fall foggy Neptune has made it hard for you to see people for who they truly are. If you’ve been allowing someone to string you along, this is the week where you draw the line in the sand. You need certainty, Libra; otherwise, you’ll never be able to build a relationship of lasting value. There’s just one thing you’ll need to consider as well: Is your attraction to a commitmentphobe your own sneaky way of putting off the pressures of a “real relationship”? You like to keep your options open, but you’ll never find out a person’s true potential by keeping him at arm’s length. If you can’t resolve lukewarm feelings about a certain someone, either jump in with both feet, or cut your losses and create space for a person whose passion is a match for your own. 爱情 Stand your ground, Libra. You know what you deserve, and when you’re being honest with yourself, you know that you’ve compromised enough. It’s not doing you or your love interest any favors to pretend that you’re OK with something that doesn’t resonate with your value system. There are places you’ll concede, but there are certain things that are — and should be — deal breakers. Make sure you know the difference, so you can make wiser choices for your love life. Ironically, by voicing your needs, you may win your sweetie’s respect, so don’t be afraid to speak up. Your Libra guy: The smell, the touch, the feel of a Libra ... He’s the original man with a slow hand, and this week’s planets find him in a super-sensual groove. You owe it to him — and to yourself — to make time for more than just a little TLC. Holding hands is as exciting as anything, and if you’re lucky enough to score one of his world-famous back rubs, cancel your plans for the rest of the afternoon. 【天蝎座】 Put yourself first this week! This is the final week of 2011 where the Sun will be in Scorpio, and you need to make yourself a high-pri item on the agenda. Passion has been flowing through every molecule of your body, and there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to follow the muse! Is there a class you’ve been dying to try, a teacher you want to work with, a trip you’d like to take? Invest in your self-expansion; it’s the best birthday gift you can give yourself. Make sure there are empty spaces in your calendar for unstructured “me time,” even if that means canceling some previously scheduled programming this week. Whether you’re craving a trip to the day spa or just a few uninterrupted hours to work on your art, you’ll be at your happiest when you can screen out the world temporarily and focus on your own immediate needs and desires. This isn’t selfish, Scorpio; for you, it’s a matter of self-preservation. How can you continue to be there for the ones you love if you don’t take care of yourself? Fortunately, your community is standing by, ready to support you. Ask them for help. Delegate, collaborate, and form some joint ventures. With go-getter Mars in your house of groups and teams, you stand to benefit from sharing the wealth. What can be produced by two (or more) people will be exponentially greater than what you can pull off on your own. For you to remain happy teaming up, it’s also important that you are able to work on your part of the mission independently without anyone peering over your shoulder. Bear that in mind when structuring any group efforts. This week, someone from your past could invite you to join an elite circle. Hello, life-changing offer! Say yes, but again, wait until you’re re-centered next week to jump into the mix. 爱情 Where is the love — the self-love, that is? It’s the last week of the Sun’s tour of Scorpio for another year, so it behooves you to redirect the flow of your amorous energy toward the most deserving one of all: yourself. Do you love your life? If not, do what it takes to change that. Enroll in a class, join a women’s group, relocate to a hipper ’hood or town. When you radiate happiness, your love life responds in kind. You’ll also attract far healthier dating options. This is step one to improving your romantic prospects. Your Scorpio guy: Forgive him if he’s acting more than a tad self-absorbed this week. It’s the final week of the Sun in Scorpio, and he needs to fixate on the next stage of his own life. If you want to connect with him, be willing to help him in this mission, even if that means doing a coffee run while he pulls a late-nighter finishing up his big presentation for work. 【射手座】 Put down that permission slip, Sagittarius, and stop asking people to validate your choices. They won’t — not because they dislike your ideas, but because your vision is too far ahead of the curve for people to understand it yet. You’re going to have to take a leap of faith here and trust your own innate wisdom. You see a possibility, a creative solution. Follow the compass of your inner guidance, and take the first leg of this journey on your own. Other people will join you in due time, but not until you’ve laid down the groundwork. Fortunately, the muse is alive and kicking, as Mercury, Venus and the Moon’s North Node (the cosmic destiny point) all travel in a tight triad through Sagittarius this week. Independent efforts get an added blessing, and you’ll actually feel more inspired when no one is around to interrupt your groove. You may need to take a breather from a relationship that’s gotten a wee bit too close for comfort. If you’ve allowed yourself to care more about another person’s issues than that person does him- or herself, you’ll know you’ve crossed the line. Let go a little, would ya? You’ll never see if this person is trustworthy and capable if you keep rushing in for the save. You may be pleasantly surprised, even impressed, by what people turn out on their own. Upgrading your digital devices or software may become a necessity this week as well. Don’t stall on this just because a new version is coming out at some still-hazy date next year. You don’t want to lose important data or fall behind the curve, Sag. Geek out and pick the best option that’s available now. 爱情 Everyone’s got history, but what’s the point of dredging up the past? If you feel compelled to grill your dates about their prior relationship flameouts and regrets, you might indeed get some info on your love interest’s mistakes from his wild years — but at the same time, you’d better be prepared to fess up to your own. Knowing who you’re dealing with is one thing; digging for dirt that’s better off left untouched is another. Know that you have a bit of a suspicious mind this week and it’s probably spiraling out of control. Your Sagittarius guy: Don’t panic if Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky morphs into Mr. Melancholy this week. He may never utter a word, but chances are, he’s facing the reality of having to let go of some aspect of his life. It’s not about you, so chill. And whatever you do, don’t interrupt his mourning process. The sooner he gets in touch with these emotions, the quicker he’ll clear them out. He needs your compassion, not your advice. 【摩羯座】 Keep on flapping those social-butterfly wings. The Sun is spending its final week of 2011 in Scorpio and your 11th house of friends, groups and networking. With a little effort, you could make some key contacts this week, especially ones that benefit your career. Say yes to the party invitations and slip some business cards in your bag before you head out for fiesta time. You never know where you’ll find that fateful connection, but more than likely it will come when you’re relaxed and letting your hair down. Your ruling planet, Saturn, is midway through a two-plus-year tour of your professional sector, helping you build your reputation slowly and steadily. This week Saturn gets a dreamy nod from Neptune. Can you earn money doing something you love? Absolutely, Cap, and this week may illuminate an opportunity to bring more creativity and leadership to your job. Regardless of how artsy you get, you always function best in a structured environment. If your office scenario is verging on chaotic, step up and bring some order to your court. Remember that not everyone is as talented as you are at developing systems. You may have to lead the charge on this efficiency mission, in the name of greater productivity (and profitability) for all. In love, you may feel awash in free-spirited vibes this week. Embrace them! If you’re single, take a chance on someone who falls outside the range of your usual type. Coupled up? Try socializing separately from the one you love. Having individual experiences gives you both new and interesting topics to discuss when you return to the ranch. 爱情 You’ll get by with a little help from your friends this week. Let them shore you up if you’re having a blah phase in your love life. Laugh, dance, have fun ... you’ll come back to your happy self more grounded and be less likely to pick a fight with your honey or go on a mercy date with Mr. Wrong. If you’re single, don’t sit at home and mope; let your friends play matchmaker. They know you better than you know yourself, and their picks could be winners. It’s a good time to get (back) into the online dating game. Your Capricorn guy: It won’t be easy, but you will get the chance to learn to not take his actions personally. Make your motto “the more, the merrier” if you want to survive this week without a blowup. He’s having a hard time saying no to his friends and family. A loyalist to the core, he won’t desert his peeps in their time of need. Don’t give him grief about his generosity. Share his spirit and give together. 【水瓶座】 Keep your nose to the grindstone. The Sun is spending its final week in Scorpio and your 10th house of ambition. You’re so close to the finish line, Aquarius; don’t want to quit five minutes before the miracle. This week, one final push could bring a long, drawn-out project to completion. Heads up, social butterfly: Accomplishing your mission might require you to screen out the distractions of other people now. Don’t let your social calendar take precedence over your desire to wrap things up with a bright, pretty bow. While you may feel obligated to hang out with people, if they are truly your friends they will understand your need to pursue your ambitions. Hopefully, they’ll support you as well. All in all, Aquarius, you have big plans for personal expansion, but you can only get so far with your current basket of resources. Start searching for workshops, seminars and teachers who can help you kick your skill set up to the next level. Traveling for educational purposes may be part of the package over the coming year, so make sure your passport is up to date! 爱情 Workaholic alert! Your career is important, but are you starting to lose perspective? Take a good look at whether it’s costing you joy on the personal playing field. What you need to begin to do is bring more balance into your life. Your laptop might keep you warm at night, but it’s not as nearly as much fun as bringing a real live person to bed. If someone you meet through a work contact shows romantic interest, make sure the path is clear so that this doesn’t cause a conflict of interest before you act on it. Your Aquarius guy: If you want to be able to help Mr. Goal-Oriented this week, find out what his focus is. He won’t be thrilled about distractions, but he will appreciate knowing you’re there to support him in his mission. By the same token, you need to know that he’s on your team, too. Let him support you by participating in one of your life missions. He’ll be flattered that you asked for his advice. 【双鱼座】 You’re a cultural ambassador this week, Pisces, connecting the dots between people who might not normally interact with one another. As a mutable sign, you have a better-than-average ability to adapt to different groups of people, regardless of their backgrounds and lifestyles. This is a gift, and one that you can put to good use right now. Speak up when conversations turn in a small-minded or myopic direction. Your friends are bound by the limitations of their own experiences. They don’t mean to be ignorant, but they simply don’t understand the scope of the world the way you do. Gently educate them. You don’t have to be self-righteous, just informative — and inviting. How about bringing your peeps places that are out of their comfort zones? You’ll rock their worlds in a really good way by sharing your off-the-beaten-path discoveries. Passionate, energetic Mars is swirling through your house of committed relationships, and you might find yourself hopelessly attracted to someone from a different walk of life. The law of “opposites attract” is in full effect here, so keep your mind wide open. It all begins with a lively conversation. Plant yourself among intellectually stimulating people; places hosting a lecture, a seminar or a book signing will be your most successful pickup joints this week. 爱情 Who, you, kiss and tell? You’ve come down with a bad case of loose-lips syndrome, and you need to be careful not to sink any ships in the process. You’re prone to blurting out TMI about your relationship to acquaintances this week, and this could get back to your love interest. If you’re single, mind what you reveal on dates. You want to be honest, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to share your entire autobiography before the appetizer course is cleared. Putting your best foot forward first isn’t lying; it’s a smart strategy. Your Pisces guy: He needs a (gentle) kick in the butt to get him out of autopilot mode and into a more fun-loving state. If you want to bring out his best this week, get him out of his familiar surroundings. It’s all too easy for him to fog out when he’s in his comfort zone, so if you want the sparks of magic to fly, you need to share the excitement of discovering something new together.



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