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Boring now

= = 2011-11-07
It's my first time to use the douban.i feel great.it's different from Renren or Weibo........it's interesting .oh i found that i'm really weak in English!!!!!what am i speaking now……umm.....
Let me say something about today my life .Busy and boring....it makes me crazy.I think i'm busy to rush in the subway.How funny is it!
And now ,i'm cold...Maybe i'll be sick.There're too many people who have a cold or have a fever around me ......so .....in fact ,i'm living in a dangerous environment....
oh ,it's midnight...i'm really tired,but i don't want to sleep!!!oh!gosh!who can help me ...

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  • WaiNeiSiMouNei
    2 long 2 read
    in short plz
  • WaiNeiSiMouNei
    anyway, mark
  • WaiNeiSiMouNei
  • zeroDPI
    sounds like someone who has been here for ages
  • Ben是个好孩纸.
    God bless u,son
  • = =
    oh dear,unfortunately,I lost my voiceT T ,I feel very bad。
  • = =
    umm...how to reply 1 by 1?
  • 一步之遥
    Do u feel better now?
  • [已注销]
    dangerous environment?
  • 紫色萤火虫
    just drinking more water, and building body more often. all those do good to your health. and the more exercises you do, the richer will be your reward.
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