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what is your attitude to love?

澈一 2010-07-25 22:57:50

as time goes by ,everything changes.so what do you think of love now?


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  • Mr. Nobody
    love is the acceptance of all the goodness and badness of something or somebody.

    the feeling of love, is a hormonal reaction in the body.

    most of the time we are just feeling love, but not really actually loving.
  • 夏南
    when you fell in love, just loving as much as you can

    when love is gone, just let it go

    but the true love will last forever, i still believe
  • 小样儿。
    if he loves you,he will be a good man,just for you.
  • 默默
    I think it's beautiful, so i'll treasure it.
  • 无人应答
    honest each other
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