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what can u do being a 20-year-old?

C•麦兜兜 2010-07-25
look...on my first day being a 20-year-old, i feel so much like an adult. But i cant tell any differences from the past...

so, would u think of sth that u can do being a 20-yr-old? anything should be fine...of course, the more special the better

i am new to this eng chat group, so i am not so clear bt how things work out. but i hope this topic can last for sometime. thx



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  • Laura
    hi maxi~ u can do many many stuffs u know, it's up to u to decide...muhahahaahah
  • Mr. A
    let's face it.

    you didn't grow an extra arm or brain when you become 20.
    so, there's really no difference... at least it appears so.

    i think it depends on how matured your mind is?
  • 沙子
    yep,the day on ur first day being a 20-year-old .u feel so much like an adult,it's just to say u know u should do someting like a adult but ur cant change and feel the difference on the one day.i'm 21 years old now,i had the same problem as urs before.but i know what is the difference between junior and adult due to someting happened.
    just release uself,everyone has different opinion and experience different life,u should find that by uself
  • [已注销]
    honestly, there is nothing like a milestone to mark your maturity, however, there is a day when you felt you've been grown up, you grow up~
  • colorpain
    always ,we need do something to prove we grow-up.
    you must be a girl..haha..we are the same
    i care about my brithday n some different day ..
    cuz we all don't have Sense of existence.

    why nobody care what we are ..?
    always ourself care about it?

    i think just one day someone give me how different, we are different .
    and if you want to do something ..

    ahh...if you have a chance,maybe you should fall in love~~~~good luck XD

  • colorpain
    p.s you name mean 躺在地上打滚? cute~~~!!
  • C•麦兜兜
    @淡沫 i havent made up my mind wut to do...*sigh*
    @Steven Y. how can i measure if my mind is matured or not...lol
    @傍晚的海水 fall in love...? that's an idea...
  • C•麦兜兜
    i told someone last night that i am confused abt being a 20-yr-old. i said " i wanna do sth so crazy".
    he said "okay, beat up everyone on the street u meet"
    i said " or hook up with...?"
    he told me " yeah...u should find someone to love while u r still young"

    sounds nice...but it cannot work out that easily...while he's still on my mind...*sigh*
  • [已注销]
    i think that is just yr hope to be an adult. u just wanna do sth to prove .
    if u really want to do sth , those things should help yr future.
  • [已注销]
    Demonstrate ROTFL on every streets of your city.

    your 20 will be written into history. lol
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