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Two In One——Blues

木子听茶 2010-07-25

Two In One——Blues

Here is a blues, quite different from the previous ones, right? I hope you would not be that shocked, haha. You see, in fact my tastes are very various thus my choices of music are much wider also.

Apart from the classical music, traditional music, pure music, I like jazz, blues, even some rap also. I have learnt about jazz dance in a club for almost one year. I enjoyed it very much when I could see myself dancing in front of the big mirror, alone. The feeling was very cool. I felt jazz dance was much more fit for me than the other kinds of dances like rumba or some ballroom dancing because jazz allows you to dance alone, totally being with yourself. I hope one day I can get back to learn more about it.

Anyways, I hope this blues will light up my day, and yours too.







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