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chat me up, people!

Mr. A 2010-07-24
feeling down? feeling super? or just wanna show off your english skills? come on in for a while and chit chat~~~


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  • 琉河龍崎
    people..what s ur skype
  • Mr. A

    How come no ones' around!!!

    Can we have a topic please?

    I've got something I'd like to talk about... but i'd hate it when there's no audience :-(
  • solo
    ok ,i am listening
  • [已注销]
    why are you guys dont want to sleep....
  • Mr. A
    because my life sucks.

    the day before, i lost my phone.
    yesterday, i lost my girlfriend.
    what am i gonna lose tomorrow?? :-D
    i am sorry to hear that, but this is life
  • [已注销]
    no women no life....
  • kaiyi
    Treasure your chance to start over!!
    buy a new phone n u will find new features of a different device~
    meet some new girls then u can enjoy the beauty of dating!!!
  • colorpain
    then you don't need answer the phone,some one girl call...
    (P.S.my Enlight is poor..)
  • colorpain
    kaiyi, SO He tomorrow need to waiting for...
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