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求:第二季最后一集 JAL给CHRIS悼词的英文

○Ⅴ○ 2010-07-24 12:40:32

我下到的只有中文没英文字幕。 好想要英文的! 求好心人帮助!


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  • 骨头
    谢谢你让我又重新想起了这一段 这当初看的时候感触很多的一段 这次是一个一个字的看了 真的是喜欢 可以当我的悼词…… 不过我不是Chris 所以…… 算了 没办法 谢谢你

    You know what, babe,fuck it.
    These guys know all about me.
    Tell them about someone different.
    So I thought I'd say something about a hero of Chris's.
    A man called captain Joe Katanga.
    In 1960,climbing into a foil balloon,Captain Joe ascended 32 kilometres into the stratophere.
    And then,armed only with a parachute,he jumped out.
    He fell for four minutes and 36 seconds,reaching 740mph before opening his parachute five kilometres above the earth.
    It had never been done before.
    And has neber been done since.
    He did it just because he could and that's why Chris loved him.
    Because the thing about Chris was he said yes.
    He said yes to everything.
    He loved everyone.
    He was the bravest,I knew.
    And that was...he flung himself oout of a foil ballon every day.
    Because he could.Because he was.
    And that's why...We...We loved him.
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