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Any English ACG website recommend? o(*≧▽≦)ツ

[已注销] 2010-07-24
I didn't realize that my English is so LAME until I came here. O(≧口≦)o

I think browsing English websites is gonna be helpful. However, I don’t find news of VOA, BBC and NYT attractive to me. “I can survive with ACG in my life, nothing else is important like that” As a otaku I often come up with this kind of illusion…. If the website is about ACG, I’ll be able to read with passion at least… o(>_<)o

So guys, hit me with your websites plz O(∩_∩)O

PS: ACG= Anime + Comic + Game~


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  • [已注销]
    well, let me to be the "bad guy" here.

    Since you wanna improve your english skills, the truth is, ACG may help but never work. Because mostly they spoke in ACG makes non-sense to real life. when you turn back to reality, u speak shits.

    No offense, just to be a little bully'ere, hopefully you make progress
  • Kazuko

    Try that. I browse it everyday.
  • [已注销]
    Thank you, 和子ちゃん.

    Re: OZZI:
    Well, the other reason for me to browse these websites is looking for more ACG resource and knowing more otakutachi. Maybe this is the main reason ^_^
  • [已注销]
    There always reasons to make your choice, listen to your heart to do your rightful.
  • Mr. A

    you seem very singaporean to me leh...
  • [已注销]
    Thanks. I'll always listen to my heart... Hopefully it will lead me to the right way.

    Really? I've been in Singapore for 5 months, and you are the only Singaporean who told me that. I'm still not confident about my English. It's proven to be lame for several times in class… ( >﹏<)
  • 李瞬生
    If you like scans : http://www.minitokyo.net/
    If you want to publish your own art : http://www.animepaper.net/
    And finally is the famous manga site : http://www.mangafox.com/
  • Elaine

    Oh.. sorry I can't help you ...

    hehe ~
  • [已注销]
    These websites are just great~ thanks for your help. However I want some ACG BBS like sumisora. Got any idea? (∩_∩)

    Nevermind~ Thank you anyway~ :)

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