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SWAP !!! ???

reborning 2010-07-22
I have a Little Stone which was given by a girl who is the first girl i liked. And it has something interesting on the stone. Do u like to swap?


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    u r a bad guy , i still keep others' gift , even though i dont like them , or we havent kept in touch .

    i bet nobody will change with uuuuuuuuuuuu :pppppppp
  • 肖 棋之
    agree ls
  • Mr. A
    What would you swap for that?


    I don't love my ex-girlfriend anymore. But my current girlfriend told me to destroy all of my ex's properties before she comes over again next week.

    but being a person who loves all these little things that made up the lovely memories that has been captured on paper and photographs...i feel kinda painful burning it all away.

    could i just swap it to you?
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    hahaha ,

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