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Do you find out a qualified Chinese teacher?

别风蒿馬 2017-08-03
Hi, everyone .I am a local Chinese tutor, well do you want to learn Chinese? The three points to learn Chinese, first step is that you have to practice more, secondly you have to find out a qualified Chinese teacher, tirdly, study at whereas where you live in .its really nice to make a friend, also you know our Chinese language is very difficulty. but if you can be able to find out three points in the right way ,you may be succeeding that when you need this language whatever at work or in the school or Business field ,it is very useful to learn as the sec language .you can travel ,you can buy goods here in China ,you can study the history of Chinese culture ,you can watch Chinese film, you can also talk with local people as well . However I hope that you can contact me, if you do want to learn Chinese.
My E-mail is: change_r_cy@163.com






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