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vest⛄️ 2017-08-02
Aries: August

August is the month when the scales will be balanced with money, business, charity or property. If your issue is a house, apartment, land or similar concerns – developers or builders – then close to Friday 4th, Monday 7th, Saturday 12th (absolutely crucial), Tuesday 15th, Friday 18th, Sunday 20th, Monday 28th, you will be developing and deepening the relationship between giver and receiver. For some Aries people this is about marriage or divorce, and perhaps a business partnership. There is a strong sense of ‘them and us’ or ‘me and him’ or perhaps ‘me and her’ about the transaction. Way beyond the actual fleeting value of dollars, pounds or euros there is a far more important question about power and control. There is a potent little asteroid called Minerva who makes big patterns in your zone of inheritance, philanthropy, tax returns, divorce settlements, lawsuit pay-outs, bonuses, redundancy, benefits and the rest! She does this quite early on, around 2nd and 3rd August. This really sets up the month
Aries: August

August is the month when the scales will be balanced with money, business, charity or property. If your issue is a house, apartment, land or similar concerns – developers or builders – then close to Friday 4th, Monday 7th, Saturday 12th (absolutely crucial), Tuesday 15th, Friday 18th, Sunday 20th, Monday 28th, you will be developing and deepening the relationship between giver and receiver. For some Aries people this is about marriage or divorce, and perhaps a business partnership. There is a strong sense of ‘them and us’ or ‘me and him’ or perhaps ‘me and her’ about the transaction. Way beyond the actual fleeting value of dollars, pounds or euros there is a far more important question about power and control. There is a potent little asteroid called Minerva who makes big patterns in your zone of inheritance, philanthropy, tax returns, divorce settlements, lawsuit pay-outs, bonuses, redundancy, benefits and the rest! She does this quite early on, around 2nd and 3rd August. This really sets up the month as a whole for you. Both sides/all sides have to figure out what is wise. Forget about the potential for guilt-tripping or power-tripping which might arise. The real issue here is justice. This may be literally a matter for the lawyers, but in astrological terms, it’s about fairness, equality, harmony, symmetry and equilibrium. You can’t buy that. The fact is, everyone can switch roles or positions, if the Wheel of Fortune spins a certain way. It is very important to separate questions of personal value and worth from the actual financial sums or property values on the table. We are all equal, give or take a few trappings and exterior appearances. Nobody ever said someone with Gucci shoes was better than a Big Issue seller, or vice versa. Again and again this month, Jupiter in Libra for the first time in 12 years will return you, he, she or they to the principle of justice and what can restore harmony. That’s what matters most. Aries, if this is about marrying, breaking up or coming to some kind of legal decision, then the Jupiter-Pluto square of Friday 4th August is pivotal and so is the Jupiter-Saturn sextile of Sunday 27th August. Now - this may all affect you rather personally. If you are a Premium Member please read on and look at your personal chart.

Taurus: August

Healing is what August is all about, Taurus. You may be healed, or you may be the person healing. For the first time in 12 years we are seeing Jupiter, the planet of help and deliverance, appear in the sign of Libra – which rules the mind, body and spirit for you. Now, you may be doing your duty or performing a service for somebody else this month, or you could find yourself on the receiving end. There is a major pattern involving Jupiter in Libra near Friday 4th August, so the month is set up quite early on. It is also interesting to see Vulcano, such a symbol of strength, self-control and willpower, in the same sign, making his presence known on Sunday 13th August. Covering all time zones, within a day or two of these dates, you may find yourself discovering just what it means to bravely face issues as the person seeking aid, or the person giving it. In either case there is a huge question about courage, confidence, faith and the rest. There is also a tremendous ambition of yours in the background to this story. We have a lot of activity in Aquarius this month, which rules your ambition, position and mission. You can’t really get to grips with matters of status and success, until you have well and truly sorted out what must be remedied or fixed. The month ends with a real moment of truth as Jupiter sextiles Saturn on Sunday 27th August, and no matter if the issue has been physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual – it should be quite clear to you by then that nobody and nothing is alone in this world, and there is always a greater force for good. This now strongly applies to this memorable healing process, which can only happen in this particular way every decade or so. Taurus, if your personal chart has Virgo factors there is also a personal story here. If you are a Premium Member, then please read on.

Gemini: August

Your ruler is Mercury and this month we have Mercury Retrograde, oh the joy! This notorious cycle results in waiting games, dangling and suspension. A typical example would be a flatmate who is going to move rooms, or move out – but does not. Or, we may have a sister who is tied up with a property decision involving you, but her own life is in disarray. I am sure you have your own examples. August will hold you up, and keep you stuck for a time – but it does have its uses. You are going to enjoy the most incredible wake-up call in August. You will become spiritually enlightened in a way that would not have been possible, without being stuck or caught. Even if you do not think of yourself as being spiritual, there will be a kind of ‘Aha!’ moment or epiphany. A profound understanding of what is going on, why it is going on – and where you fit into the big picture. The dangling is likely to involve your family tree, your roots (heritage/culture/background) or your home. There may be a house, garden, block of land or apartment involved, quite specifically. I think you’ll be aware of this as early as Wednesday 2nd August on the Bacchus-Psyche conjunction in Virgo, which rules your homeland, home town, builders, tenants, landlord, real-estate agents, local council and the rest – even down to huge issues about residency or roots. We then see more patterns unfold in Virgo, which rules all these things for you, on Sunday 6th, Monday 7th, Tuesday 15th – and particularly Saturday 26th August, when Mercury Retrograde in Virgo conjuncts the Sun. Gemini, when the time is right, you will accept the need for the most tremendous change. You will address who/what needs to be addressed. You will put in the time, energy and massive effort. You will figure out where to next, and how to next – and then some pretty amazing things are possible, both with the family tree or your particular place in the world. In fact, it could be time for some overdue pruning, trimming and new growth. Why all this focus on your philosophy of life, your faith, your understanding and your soul? For that we turn to some historic eclipses in the sign of Aquarius, which rules everything that you believe. Gemini, it is possible that your personal chart shows Cancer placements which point to these issues. If you are a Premium Member, please read on.

Cancer: August

Life will be random in August but every time you think you’re sliding down, you will be zooming up. At the same time, when you are on top, it may already be true, that life is about to spin. The central issue here is Virgo-Pisces stuff in your chart. These two signs rule the worldwide web, websites, blogs, social media and e-books for you. They also rule academia, education and libraries. Traditional paperback or hardback publishing is here. So is any ‘bible’ for any particular belief system, and that may mean the real Christian Bible or some other holy tome – science is also considered to be a belief system, by some. There are some other factors this month which add to the strange, spinning sensation of everything rotating and revolving! The powerful asteroid Aesculapia is in your zone of money, property and business. We associate this with comebacks and returns, so just when you think something or someone is on the way out, or practically over, it boomerangs back into the story. In general, August is about the need to be philosophical (shrugging your shoulders) but also to keep your sense of humour alive and kicking. Woody Allen and Monty Python, and the late, great Victoria Wood, knew all about the absurdity of the great ‘Wheel of Fortune’ we live in. Fortuna herself is in your own zodiac sign, Cancer, in August. In mythology, Fortuna spun the wheel of fate and fortune without seeing or knowing. There was no fear, nor favour, involved in what went on. Don’t take anything personally with the web, multimedia, publishing, education or the rest this month. To this list we might also add foreign languages, like Spanish or English (or American!) and the idea that travelling in the mind, also means travelling or moving. Giddy heights and victory and the rest are not so much about you, as they are about the weird business of being human. The Leo and Aquarius eclipses – formidable – have much to do with this, as you are ruled by the Moon and this is a rather fated month. If you have Sagittarius factors in your personal chart, then there is a personal message for you about the book, course, website, trip, move and so on. Premium? Read on.

Leo: August

It’s unusual to see your Seventh House of sexual equality and sensuality lit up by so many heavenly bodies. It is also time to get back in touch with your own heavenly body – and although your sexuality is part of the story – you don’t need anyone else by your side, to do this. I am sure your former, current or potential partner is playing his/her part, but it’s all about you, you, you. Leo - when I look at your chart this month I can see Aesculapia, the South Node, the lunar eclipse and Panacea in your Seventh House. This is a pretty remarkable month, bringing to mind your fellow Leo Kate Bush and her album, The Sensual World. This is not only about developing a more powerful relationship with your body – in your own delighted company – it is also about understanding why the mind, body and spirit cannot be separated. We live in a world where sex can be very cheap and where ‘the body beautiful’ is all about corporations making money from our human insecurity. Well, forget all that nonsense. This month is for you, about you – and very much controlled by you. Your body and your sensuality are your own and you are in a stunning position to enjoy that. Along with all the Seventh House patterns, we can also find Pluto, reminding you that it is unforgettably empowering to be in total control of what you put into your body - and also how you choose to use your body. This goes beyond swimming, detoxing, yoga and the rest into areas where your soul and body meet in the middle. On Thursday 17th August Hygiea stands still alongside Pluto in the same sign, so within 24 hours either side of that date you can make tremendous strides in looking after your wellbeing now, but also in future. I am really tempted to quote another Leo, Madonna, and her famous song Like A Virgin at this point. There is something ready to be reborn here, almost as if your body had shed any number of layers. August is very special so do use it, Leo. It’s the kind of month when you can break up with someone and rediscover your body all over again – or become more deeply intimate with a long-time lover. Those are just two examples. Yet, the past, present or future of your sexuality and sensuality is not the main story – it is actually how body meets soul. I think the other turning point for you will be Saturn station direct on Friday 25th August. This is a real bridge to cross in terms of past, present or potential pregnancy – or issues about having children/not having them. For male Leos it may translate into questions about virility. For female Leos it’s obvious! You only get one Saturn cycle every 29 years so that’s why August seems to be such a big time of reckoning for your relationship with your body. If you are a Premium Member read on and see how you will personally be affected by the Aquarius/Capricorn weather, now.

Virgo: August

Virgo, your friends and groups will be at the heart of some random and erratic situations in August. This is perfectly fine. You will soon find out that just when you think you are sliding one way with the situation, life will pick you up and put you on top again. Any natural low will quickly become a natural high, for whatever reason. You have an asteroid called Fortuna (the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot deck) in your house of clubs, teams, classes, ensemble casts, political parties, work groups, trade unions, bands and the rest. Of course friends are involved with this. Twitter may also be part of the story. The Rod Stewart album Never a Dull Moment springs to mind. You may have to keep surfing/skating as the wheel spins with these people, and they really are an odd bunch. Different zodiac signs, perhaps different nationalities and certainly in different places, in terms of each friend’s head space! What else is going on now? An eclipse in your zone of daily routine suggests there is precious little routine in August. That’s okay. The same general advice to surf/skate applies and if you keep your sense of humour you will soon come to appreciate just how absurd life actually is. There is one last rather important point. We have a total eclipse in Leo, one sign behind you, on Monday 21st August. You will find that whatever is secret, hidden, behind the scenes or in the shadows becomes even harder to understand, then. Allow one day either side. Don’t assume or judge anything on the 20th, 21st, 22nd as you just can’t see who or what is really there. Do you have Sagittarius factors in your personal chart? Premium Member? Then the issues about the web, education, publishing and so on may be personal. Read on.

Libra: August

An eclipse in Aquarius suggests that some intimate or emotional episodes are water under the bridge. You have to put time and energy into what is required, then move on. The sign of Aquarius in your horoscope rules pregnancy, babies, children and young people as a whole. It also rules sexual relationships – past, present, potential. You can’t rush the process on this cycle. You have to let it run its course and then you can see what you are missing, or what is out of sight. An eclipse conceals, it never reveals, so there is something rather wonderful for you, once the actual eclipse period has passed. It takes place on Monday 7th August with a Full Moon in Aquarius and Panacea - the asteroid which describes solutions, remedies, healing experiences and even quick fixes – is opposite the Sun a couple of days later, on 9th August. This suggests that the whole month is set up quite early on. The fact is, there is also tremendous potential with your house, apartment, home town, homeland, or holiday home. You can’t really do much about this until you have given yourself the time and space to sort things out, emotionally. There is a tremendous message here about a solid gold relationship which is about two people or two sides, which are equal and also very much a pair. This is, perhaps, what you need to finally see – or notice – or remember. Libra, if you have your personal chart and know that you have factors in Leo, then there may be an equally personal aspect to your month. Premium? Read on.

Scorpio: August

The zodiac sign Libra rules the scales of justice. August is an important month when you will see both sides fairly balanced in one of those now-or-never moments of truth when everything is final. There is a sense here that if anything (or anybody) were to rock the boat again, there would be Consequences with a capital C so you are dealing with a real game-changer. There may be an actual court or legal situation unfolding around you this month, Scorpio. What emerges will be an equaliser. The historic line-up between Jupiter in Libra, sextile serious Saturn in Sagittarius, ends the month on Sunday 27th August. By that point you are either about to call the entire episode over and done with, or you will be in a situation with him/her/them where something bigger than both sides is in full and stern command. It is worth knowing more about Jupiter in Libra as you only have this cycle every 12 years. Basically, what is happening behind the scenes, under wraps or even at an unconscious level is meant to be. Libra is one sign behind you, so we associate it with what/who is also ‘behind’ rather as if nothing could be seen or known. You may very well be dealing with something top secret here, or tucked away out of sight. The traditional association between Libra in your chart and your unconscious mind is a little trickier to understand. It is best explained by the idea that you may be unwittingly, unknowingly, seeking justice or a fair outcome, so what you do or say – without being aware of it – is contributing to that. Scorpio, you may well have personal chart factors in Libra so there is a huge story here about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps an enemy, rival or opponent. Premium? Read on.

Sagittarius: August

You are the third zodiac sign alongside Cancer and Virgo this month to be put in the most random, unusual situation in August. If either of those signs feature in your world, you will be spinning the Wheel of Fortune together. We have eclipses in the two zones of your horoscope which rule reading, libraries, the worldwide web, publishing, education, academia and ‘bibles’ of all kinds, no matter if they are religious or scientific. You may want to skip the actual eclipse periods as visibility will be low. You will not see or know, what you need to see or know. These include Monday 7th and Monday 21st August (allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself). We also have Aesculapia in Aquarius, alongside the eclipse, in the multimedia, worldwide web, books, ideas, knowledge and communication zone. This asteroid always turns up when something or someone makes a comeback. It is far from over and there may be rather a miraculous revival for a project or plan, now – or a piece of equipment. It’s like a Director’s Cut of an old film, or some lost script showing up in a drawer. In general, you have to stay open and keep moving, on a month like this. It’s very likely that other nationalities or parts of the world will be involved, across Europe or the United States. Of course, that is par for the course online, but this feels like something more. The knowledge banks, ideas, concepts, beliefs and faiths of people often depend so much on the countries where they are born or brought up! In many ways August is the month to assume that nothing and nobody can really be ‘known’ until this crazy eclipse weather passes. Keep moving; keep juggling. If you do hit a ‘low’ in the weather, rest assured it will soon deliver a high point. Sagittarius, it is possible Saturn is on your Sun this month. Premium Member? Read on.

Capricorn: August

You will think about travelling or moving this month, or be strongly influenced by somebody who is gazing at a distant place on the map. Sometimes it is other people’s plans to get away, or relocate, which rock our world the most. If you have been acting according to your horoscope, though, you will be ready to export your plans or ideas. You could do this by staying put and using the worldwide web or Skype to a large degree, but it looks as though Uranus in Aries, in your home zone, is giving many Capricorn people quite itchy feet. Uranus is the planet we associate with change, independence and freedom – genuine space! It would be very easy for you to be distracted by the location, Capricorn. This may be across town or across the world, but you may be so focussed on life ‘over there’ that you are forgetting the real issue, which is your concepts, courses, projects or plans. I urge you to get these on solid ground as effectively as you can. Do not forget what you have backing you. Do not ignore what is so rich with potential. You have a lot of ‘traffic’ across the Virgo and Pisces axis of your chart in August, which is where we find you most involved with your computer, your notebook or your biggest ideas. I have to question why there is so much hesitation going on. It may be because Uranus (freedom where you live/how you live) is station retrograde, or standing still, on Thursday 3rd August as the month begins. It’s like having go-faster stripes but not using them. Most of all we have the notorious Mercury Retrograde cycle ahead, and this planet (which rules travelling, moving, communication and connection) will appear to freeze, on Sunday 13th August, as part of a long cycle of motion back and forth. This is why it really does matter to focus very hard, and quickly, on fertile projects or concepts which are rich in ripe potential. If you do not, they will not look after themselves. You also have a ton of research to do about the best environment for what you have. Where will it grow? Where can it grow? One thing is certain, Capricorn, it’s not going to do an awful lot if you stay stuck where you are. Do you have personal chart factors in Virgo? It may be that all this is about work or study! Premium members, read on.

Aquarius: August

The financial, business, property and charity zones of your chart show a wide open space for discussion. In fact, this could be one of the year’s more important negotiations for you, Aquarius. Up ahead, we have the radical changes of May 2018 and beyond. In fact, the situation with your apartment, home town, homeland or house from mid-2018 onwards has the potential to revolutionise your life. This can’t really be ignored when we get stuck into the nitty-gritty of the bank account, the rent, taxation, the dividends, the investment or the rest. There is an expectant, dormant quality about your home life or sense of belonging to a particular place net year – as if it was just waiting to invite change. In August you need to look at issues like saving and sticking on price, as opposed to spending or doing deals. This is quite important. We have Mercury station retrograde on Sunday 13th August in Virgo, the sign which rules everything that you own, earn or owe in connection with other people – usually the family, or partners – but sometimes with the bank. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and should enhance the free flow of discussion or paperwork, but there may be a longer or more complicated process than you anticipated. Be aware that you could be dealing with a person or organisation which is rather stuck or static – for the moment. Alternatively it may be you who is locked into position. I suspect that you need to cast your eye on issues like mortgage interest rates, property investment, land value, currency exchange rates, rent control, family assets and the rest. In fact, just by craning your neck in the general direction of 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond it should be possible to see why all the choices you are now making about the money, have to be put in a much bigger context. Aquarius, if you have Cancer placements in your chart then the apartment or house is twice as important. Premium? Read on.|


Pisces: August

Saturn in your zone of success, position, mission and ambition means serious business. Do you? If you want a major new beginning – and one that cuts out who or what is not necessary – you can have it. Pisceans always have to make the dream become real, though. This is where it gets interesting in August, because although Saturn is making some historic patterns, this month could pass you by, unless you actively reach for what is possible and make it part of your life. There may be some absorbing questions here about the man or woman at the top. This could be you, of course. The role, title or position is in the balance at the moment and there are some important issues about who could take a particular task or title on board. You? He? She? There isn’t a great deal of time to waste and it looks as though the whole situation is dependent on there being some tough decisions. It may help to figure out your ambitions as well – all of them. Saturn only crosses over the MC or Midheaven of your solar chart every 29 years after all. This is where you climb your Everest. Your life may be about social mountaineering – becoming more famous, more glamorous, more socially in demand at a certain level. It may be purely professional, so your eyes are on a particular promotion, job, career or business goal. Maybe it’s academic, so you are thinking about the higher echelons of your chosen university or college. Knowing what you want, why you want it and how to achieve it will help you get the other issue in context. King Arthur only pulled the sword from the stone when took a deep breath and took it on. There is a mythic or storybook quality about your position in August which is why I mention this old piece of folklore. Swords can disappear in a puff of smoke unless you seize the day. Pisces, are you ready to carpe diem? If you have Capricorn planets in your chart then this success challenge is personal. Premium? Read on.



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    有趣的是也可看到火山,这是力量、自控和意志力的象征,在相同的宫位,在8月13日周日使这样的存在呈现出来。涵盖所有的时区,在这些日子的一两天内 ,你或许会发现你寄己已意识到,作为一个寻求帮助的人或作为一个给予之人,勇敢地面对问题意味着什么。不论何种情况下,有一个大问题是关于勇气、自信、信仰及放松的。在这个故事的背景下还有一个你的极大的雄心。我们有许多在水瓶座的活动,这个星座掌管你的抱负、职位及使命任务。 你不可能真正地控制地位和成功这些重要的事情,除非你已经彻底地理清了什么是必须治疗和修复的。8月27日周日,当木星6合土星,本月将一个真正的关键时刻而结束, 不管这个问题是身体、情绪、心理或精神上的-到那时,它应该对你来说是相当清楚了,因为在这个世界上没有任何人或任何事是独自存在的 ,且总是一股巨大的力量永远存在。现在这强烈地适用于这值得纪念的治愈过程,这只能以这种特殊的方式发生,每隔10年左右。金牛,如果你的个人星盘上有处女座的因素,那么这里还有一个私人故事。 如果你是高级会员,那么请继续阅读。
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    狮子座,很难得的,我看见你的性平等性和纵情声色的七宫被许多神圣的肉体点燃了。也是时候触摸你神圣的肉体了。尽管你的性,欲是这故事的一部分,但你并不需要任何人在你身边来做这个(你说这个是哪个?你知道的。)我确定你的前任,现任以及潜在的伴侣会扮演好ta的角色,但重要的还是你,是你,狮子。当我看着你这个月的星盘,我看见Aesculapia,南交,月食,Panacea都聚集在你的七宫。这将是有标志意义的一个月,我想起了同是狮子座的Kate Bush,和她的影集(或唱片,原单词是album),名叫感官世界。这不仅意味着用你的身体,用你耀眼的陪伴发展出更有力的关系,这也意味着深层的理解-为什么心智,肉体,精神不可分。我们生活在一个性*爱如此廉价的时代,企业们用人们对自己的身体不够美丽产生的不安全感赚钱。可是,忘了那些胡说八道的鬼话吧!这个月是为你而准备的,这个月是关于你的,这个月由你掌控。你的身体你的纵情声色都是你的-你在夺目的位置上享受这一切。
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