* Gold:
o Wiley Cash, This Dark Road to Mercy
o Paula Daly, Keep Your Friends Close
o Paul Mendelson, The First Rule of Survival
o Louise Penny, How the Light Gets In
* Gold – Non-fiction: Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott-Clark, The Siege
o Kate Colquhoun, Did She Kill Him?
o Damien Echols, Life after Death
o Rob Evans and Paul Lewis, Undercover
o Samantha Geimer, The Girl
o Jeff Guinn, Manson
* Historical: Antonia Hodgson,Devil in the Marshalsea
o Jill Paton Walsh, The Late Scholar
o S J Parris, Treachery
o Michael Russell, The City of Strangers
o Kate Griffin, Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders
o Imogen Robertson, Theft of Life
o Robert Ryan, The Dead Can Wait
* Ian Fleming Steel:
o Louise Doughty, Apple Tree Yard
o Robert Harris, An Officer and A Spy
o Greg Iles, Natchez Burning
* International: Arturo Perez-Reverte (t. Frank Wynne): The Siege
o Arnaldur Indridason (t. Victoria Crib), Strange Shores
o Pierre Lemaitre (t. Frank Wynne), Irène
o Olivier Truc (t. Louise Rogers LaLaurie), Forty Days without Shadow
o Simon Urban (t. Katy Derbyshire), Plan D
o Fred Vargas (t. Siân Reynolds), Dog Will Have His Day
* John Creasey:
o M J Carter, The Strangler Vine
o Ray Celestin, The Axeman’s Jazz
o Terry Hayes, I Am Pilgrim
o Antonia Hodgson, The Devil in the Marshalsea

* Gold Dagger: Mick Herron, Dead Lions
o Belinda Bauer, Rubbernecker
o Lauren Beukes,The Shining Girls
o Becky Mastermann, Rage Against the Dying
* Gold – Non-fiction: Paul French, Midnight in Peking(有中文版)
o Mukesh Kapila with Damien Lewis, Against a Tide of Evil
o Carol Ann Lee, A Find Day for a Hanging
o Clive Stafford Smith, Injustice
o Diana Souhami, Murder at Wrotham Hill
* Historical: Andrew Taylor, The Scent of Death
o Rory Clements, The Heretics
o Gordon Ferris, Pilgrim Soul
o Imogen Robertson, The Paris Winter
o Craig Russell, Dead Men and Broken Hearts
o William Ryan, The Twelfth Department
* Ian Fleming Steel: Roger Hobbs, Ghostman
o Stuart Neville, Ratlines
o Mark Oldfield, The Sentinel
o Robert Wilson, Capital Punishment
* International: Fred Vargas, Ghost Riders of Ordebec
* Pierre Lemaitre: Alex
o D A Mishani, The Missing File
o Anders Roslund & B, Two Soldiers
o Marco Vichi, Death of a Thin Skinned Animal
o Ferdinand von Schirach, The Collini Case
* John Creasey: Derek B Miller, Norwegian By Night
o Hanna Jameson, Something You Are
o Thomas Mogford, Shadow of the Rock
o Malcolm Mackay, The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter

* Gold Dagger: Gene Kerrigan, The Rage
o N.J Cooper, Vengeance in Mind
o M.R. Hall, The Flight
o Chris Womersley, Bereft
* Gold – Non-fiction: Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan, The Eleventh Day
o Leaf Fielding, To Live Outside the Law
o Misha Glenny, Dark Market
o Gavin Knight, Hood Rat
o David Smith with Carol Anne Lee, Witness
* Historical - Ellis Peters: Aly Monroe, Icelight
o Nancy Bilyeau, The Crown
o Maurizio de Giovanni, I will have Vengeance
o Gordon Ferris, Bitter Water
o Philip Kerr, Prague Fatale
o SJ Parris, Sacrilege
o Laura Wilson, A Willing Victim
* Ian Fleming Steel: Charles Cumming, A Foreign Country
o Megan Abbott, Dare Me
o Robert Harris, The Fear Index
o Neal Stephenson, Reamde

* Gold Dagger: Tom Franklin, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter(有中文版)
o Steve Hamilton, The Lock Artist(有中文版)
o A.D. Miller, Snowdrops(有中文版)
o Denise Mina, The End of the Wasp Season
* John Creasey Dagger: S.J Watson, Before I Go To Sleep(有中文版)
o Conor Fitzgerald, The Dogs of Rome
o Sam Hawken, The Dead Women of Juarez
*Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Steve Hamilton, The Lock Artist (有中文版)
o Michael Gruber, The Good Son
o Craig Smith, Cold Rain
o SJ Watson, Before I Go To Sleep(有中文版)
*International Dagger: Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström (t Kari Dickson), Three Seconds
o Andrea Camilleri, translated by Stephen Sartarelli, The Wings of the Sphinx
o Ernesto Mallo, translated by Jethro Soutar, Needle in a Haystack
o Jean-François Parot, translated by Howard Curtis, The Saint-Florentin Murders
o Valerio Varesi, translated by Joseph Farrell, River of Shadows
o Fred Vargas, translated by Siân Reynolds, An Uncertain Place
o Domingo Villar, translated by Sonia Soto, Death on a Galician Shore
* Historical - Ellis Peters: Andrew Martin, The Somme Stations
o Rory Clements, Prince
o Sam Eastland, The Red Coffin
o Gordon Ferris, The Hanging Shed
o RN Morris, The Cleansing Flames
o Imogen Robertson, Island of Bones

* Gold Dagger: Belinda Bauer, Blacklands
o S J Bolton, Blood Harvest
o George Pelecanos, The Way Home
o Karen Campbell, Shadowplay
*Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Simon Conway, A Loyal Spy
o Scott Turow, Innocent
o Henry Porter, The Dying Light
o Dan Winslow, The Gentlemen’s Hour
o Lee Child, 61 Hours
o Mo Hayder, Gone
o Mike Herron, Slow Horses
* John Creasey Dagger: Ryan David Jahn, Acts of Violence
o Simon Lelic, Rupture
o William Ryan, The Holy Thief
o Diane Janes, The Pull of the Moon
o Leigh Russell, Cut Short
o Rory Clements,Martyr
o Craig Robertson, Random
o Richard Jay Parker, Stop Me

* Gold Dagger: William Broderick, A Whispered Name
o Kate Atkinson, When Will There Be Good News?
o Mark Billingham, In the Dark
o Lawrence Block, Hit and Run(有中文版)
o MR Hall, The Coroner
o Gene Kerrigan, Dark Times In The City
* Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: John Hart, The Last Child (有中文版)
o Michael Connelly: The Brass Verdict
o Gillian Flynn: Dark Places
o Charlie Newton: Calumet City
o Daniel Silva: Moscow Rules
o Olen Steinhauer: The Tourist
o Andrew Williams: The Interrogator
* John Creasey Dagger: Johan Theorin, Echoes from the Dead (有中文版)
o David Fuller: Sweetsmoke
o James Green: Bad Catholics
o Rod Madocks: No Way To Say Goodbye
o Robert Rotenberg: Old City Hall
o Dan Waddell: The Blood Detective

* Duncan Lawrie Dagger: Frances Fyfield, Blood From Stone
o James Lee Burke, The Tin Roof Blowdown
o Colin Cotterill, The Coroner's Lunch
o Steve Hamilton, Night Work
o Laura Lippman, What the Dead Know(有中文版)
o R. N. Morris, A Vengeful Longing
* Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Tom Rob Smith, Child 44(有中文版)
o Mo Hayder, Ritual
o Gregg Hurwitz, I See You
o Michael Robotham, Shatter
o David Stone, The Echelon Vendetta
* John Creasey Dagger: Matt Rees The Bethlehem Murders
o Zo, The Night of the Mi’raj
o Caro Ramsay, Absolution
o Tom Rob Smith, Child 44 (有中文版)
o Elena Forbes, Die With Me
* Duncan Lawrie Dagger: Peter Temple, The Broken Shore
o Giles Blunt, The Fields of Grief
o James Lee Burke, Pegasus Descending
o Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects
o Craig Russell, Brother Grimm
o C. J. Sansom, Sovereign
* Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects
o Alex Berenson, The Faithful Spy
o Harlan Coben, The Woods(有中文版)
o R. J. Ellory, City of Lies
o Michael Marshall, The Intruders
o Michael Robotham, The Night Ferry
o Karin Slaughter, Triptych
* Duncan Lawrie Dagger: Ann Cleeves, Raven Black(有中文版)
o Simon Beckett, The Chemistry of Death
o Thomas H. Cook, Red Leaves
o Frances Fyfield, Safer Than Houses
o Bill James, Wolves of Memory
o Laura Wilson, A Thousand Lies
* Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Nick Stone, Mr Clarinet
o Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer(有中文版)
o Jo-Ann Goodwin, Sweet Gum
o Mo Hayder, Pig Island
o Daniel Silva, The English Assassin
o Martyn Waites, The Mercy Seat
o David Wolstencroft, Contact Zero
* Gold Dagger: Arnaldur Indriðason, Silence of the Grave(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Barbara Nadel, Deadly Web
o Karin Fossum, Calling Out for You
o Friedrich Glauser, In Matto's Realm
o Carl Hiaasen, Skinny Dip
o Fred Vargas, Seeking Whom He May Devour
* Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Henry Porter, Brandenburg
o G. M. Ford, A Blind Eye
o Simon Kernick, A Good Day to Die
o Adrian Matthews, The Apothecary's House
o Kate Mosse, Labyrinth
o Joel Ross, Double Cross Blind
o Daniel Silva, A Death in Vienna
* Gold Dagger: Sara Paretsky, Blacklist
* Silver Dagger: John Harvey, Flesh and Blood
o Mo Hayder, Tokyo
o Val McDermid, The Torment of Others
o James W. Nichol, Midnight Cab
o Laura Wilson, The Lover
* Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Jeffery Deaver, Garden of Beasts(有中文版)
o Dan Fesperman, The Warlord's Son
o Joseph Finder, Paranoia
o Mo Hayder, Tokyo
o Stephen Leather, Hard Landing
o Adrian McKinty, Dead I Well May Be
o Daniel Silva, The Confessor
* Gold Dagger: Minette Walters, Fox Evil(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Morag Joss, Half-Broken Things
o Boris Akunin, The Winter Queen
o Robert Littell, The Company
o Carlo Lucarelli, Almost Blue
o Robert Wilson, The Blind Man of Seville
* Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Dan Fesperman, The Small Boat of Great Sorrows
o Lee Child, Persuader(有中文版)
o R. J. Ellory, Candlemoth
o Lucretia Grindle, The Nightspinners
o Robert Littell, The Company
o Henry Porter, Empire State
o Gerald Seymour, Traitor's Kiss
* Gold Dagger: José Carlos Somoza, The Athenian Murders(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: James Crumley, The Final Country
o Mark Billingham, Scaredy Cat
o James Lee Burke, Jolie Blon's Bounce
o Michael Connelly, City of Bones(有中文版)
o Minette Walters, Acid Row
* Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: John Creed, The Sirius Crossing
o Tom Bradby, The Master of Rain
o Lee Child, Without Fail(有中文版)
o Robert Crais, Hostage
o Leif Davidsen, Lime's Photograph
o CC Humphreys, The French Executioner
o Stephen Leather, Tango One
* Gold Dagger: Henning Mankell, Sidetracked(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Giles Blunt, Forty Words for Sorrow
o Stephen Booth, Dancing with the Virgins
o Denise Danks, Baby Love
o George Pelecanos, Right as Rain
o Scott Phillips, The Ice Harvest
* Gold Dagger: Jonathan Lethem, Motherless Brooklyn (有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Donna Leon, Friends In High Places
o James Lee Burke, Purple Cane Road(有中文版)
o Eliot Pattison, The Skull Mantra
o Lucy Wadham, Lost
o Martin Cruz Smith, Havana Bay
* Gold Dagger: Robert Wilson, A Small Death in Lisbon
* Silver Dagger: Adrian Mathews, Vienna Blood
o Val McDermid, A Place of Execution (有中文版)
o Ian Rankin, Dead Souls
o Michael Connelly, Angels Flight
o Denise Danks, Phreak
o Frances Fyfield, Staring at the Light
* Gold Dagger: James Lee Burke, Sunset Limited (有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Nicholas Blincoe, Manchester Slingback
o Michael Dibdin, A Long Finish
o Geoffrey Archer, Fire Hawk
o Reginald Hill, On Beulah Height
o George Pelecanos, King Suckerman
* Gold Dagger: Ian Rankin, Black and Blue
* Silver Dagger: Janet Evanovich, Three to Get Deadly
o Frank Lean, The Reluctant Investigator
* Gold Dagger: Ben Elton, Popcorn
* Silver Dagger: Peter Lovesey, Bloodhounds
o Jessica Mann, A Private Enquiry
* Gold Dagger: Val McDermid, The Mermaids Singing(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Peter Lovesey, The Summons
o Elizabeth Ironside, A Very Private Enterprise
o Minette Walters, The Dark Room(有中文版)
* Gold Dagger: Minette Walters, The Scold's Bridle(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Peter Høeg, Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow
o Val McDermid, Crack Down
o Sara Paretsky, Tunnel Vision
* Gold Dagger: Patricia Cornwell, Cruel and Unusual(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Sarah Dunant, Fatlands
o Robert Richards, The Hand of Strange Children
o Janet Neel, Death Among the Dons
* Gold Dagger: Colin Dexter, The Way Through the Woods
* Silver Dagger: Liza Cody, Bucket Nut
* Gold Dagger: Barbara Vine, King Solomon's Carpet(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Frances Fyfield, Deep Sleep
o Janet Neel, Death of a Partner
o Michael Dibdin, Dirty Tricks
* Gold Dagger: Reginald Hill, Bones and Silence(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Mike Phillips, The Late Candidate
o John Harvey, Rough Treatment
* Gold Dagger: Colin Dexter, The Wench is Dead
* Silver Dagger: Desmond Lowden, The Shadow Run
* Gold Dagger: Michael Dibdin, Ratking
* Silver Dagger: Sara Paretsky, Toxic Shock
* Gold Dagger: Barbara Vine, A Fatal Inversion(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Scott Turow, Presumed Innocent(有中文版)
o Liza Cody, Under Contract
* Gold Dagger: Ruth Rendell, Live Flesh(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: P. D. James, A Taste for Death(有中文版)
* Gold Dagger: Paula Gosling, Monkey Puzzle
* Silver Dagger: Dorothy Simpson, Last Seen Alive
o Andrew Taylor, Our Father's Lies
o Jill Paton Walsh, A Piece of Justice
* Gold Dagger: B. M. Gill, The Twelfth Juror
* Silver Dagger: Ruth Rendell, The Tree of Hands
* Gold Dagger: John Hutton, Accidental Crimes
* Silver Dagger: William McIlvanney, The Papers of Tony Vietch
* Gold Dagger: Peter Lovesey, The False Inspector Dew
* Silver Dagger: S. T. Haymon, Ritual Murder
* Gold Dagger: Martin Cruz Smith, Gorky Park(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Colin Dexter, The Dead of Jericho
* Gold Dagger: H. R. F. Keating, The Murder of the Maharaja
* Silver Dagger: Ellis Peters, Monk's Hood
* Gold Dagger: Dick Francis, Whip Hand(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Colin Dexter, Service of All the Dead(有中文版)
* Gold Dagger: Lionel Davidson, The Chelsea Murders
* Silver Dagger: Peter Lovesey, Waxwork
* Gold Dagger: John le Carré, The Honourable Schoolboy(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: William McIlvanney, Laidlaw
* Gold Dagger: Ruth Rendell, A Demon in My View(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: James H. McClure, Rogue Eagle
* Gold Dagger: Nicholas Meyer, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: P. D. James, The Black Tower(有中文版)
* Gold Dagger: Anthony Price, Other Paths to Glory
* Silver Dagger: Francis Clifford, The Grosvenor Square Goodbye
* Gold Dagger: Robert Littell, The Defection of A.J. Lewinter
* Silver Dagger: Gwendoline Butler, A Coffin for Pandora
* Gold Dagger: Eric Ambler, The Levanter
* Silver Dagger: Victor Canning, The Rainbird Pattern
* Gold Dagger: James H. McClure, The Steam Pig
* Silver Dagger: P. D. James, Shroud for a Nightingale(有中文版)
* Gold Dagger: Joan Fleming, Young Man I Think You're Dying
* Silver Dagger: Anthony Price, The Labyrinth Makers
* Gold Dagger: Peter Dickinson, A Pride of Heroes(有中文版)
* Silver Dagger: Francis Clifford, Another Way of Dying
o Best Foreign: Rex Stout, The Father Hunt
* Gold Dagger: Peter Dickinson, Skin Deep(有中文版)
o Nicholas Blake, The Private Wound
o Best Foreign: Sébastien Japrisot, The Lady in the Car(有中文版)
* Gold Dagger: Emma Lathen, Murder Against the Grain
o Colin Watson, Lonely Heart 4122
o Best British: Eric Ambler, Dirty Story
* Gold Dagger: Lionel Davidson, A Long Way to Shiloh
o John Bingham, The Double Agent
o Best Foreign: John Ball, In the Heat of the Night(有中文版)
* Gold Dagger: Ross Macdonald, The Far Side of the Dollar(有中文版)
o Dick Francis, For Kicks
o Emma Lathen, Accounting for Murder
o Best British: Gavin Lyall, Midnight Plus One
* Gold Dagger: H. R. F. Keating, The Perfect Murder
o Gavin Lyall, The Most Dangerous Game
o Ross Macdonald, The Chill
o Best Foreign: Patricia Highsmith, The Two Faces of January
* Gold Dagger: John le Carré, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold(有中文版)
o Nicolas Freeling, Gun Before Butter
o William Haggard, The High Wire
* Gold Dagger: Joan Fleming, When I Grow Rich
o Eric Ambler, The Light of the Day
o Colin Watson, Hopjoy Was Here
* Gold Dagger: Mary Kelly, The Spoilt Kill
o John le Carré, Call for the Dead(有中文版)
o Allan Prior, One Way
* Gold Dagger: Lionel Davidson, The Night of Wenceslas
o Mary Stewart, My Brother Michael
o Julian Symons, Progress of a Crime
* Crossed Red Herring Award: Eric Ambler, Passage of Arms
o James Mitchell, A Way Back
o Menna Gallie, Strike for a Kingdom
* Crossed Red Herring Award: Margot Bennett, Someone from the Past
o Margery Allingham, Hide My Eyes
o James Byrom, Or Be He Dead
o John Sherwood, Undiplomatic Exit
* Crossed Red Herring Award: Julian Symons, The Colour of Murder
o Ngaio Marsh, Off With His Head
o George Milner, Your Money or Your Life
o Douglas Rutherford, The Long Echo
* Crossed Red Herring Award: Edward Grierson, The Second Man
o Sarah Gainham, Time Right Deadly
o Arthur Upfield, Man of Two Tribes
o J. J. Marric, Gideon's Week
* Crossed Red Herring Award: Winston Graham, The Little Walls
o Leigh Howard, Blind Date
o Ngaio Marsh, Scales of Justice
o Margot Bennett, The Man Who Didn't Fly
* Gold:
o Wiley Cash, This Dark Road to Mercy

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